Best Smart Electric Kettles – Control Your Kettle With Alexa or Google Home

Cold season is almost here and came the time to pull my electric kettle from the storage and have it ready for action. During cold season I usually like to drink a lot of tea and a good kettle will help me have a cup of tea very fast.  I am very comfy and  I like to have things done with little effort, to have this done you need a smart electric kettle that can be controlled thru a phone with an APP or with an Amazon Echo or Google Home device. In this article, I will present the best smart electric kettles that you can buy and have them controlled with a phone or with Amazon Echo or Google Home for a minimum effort.

Best Smart Electric Kettles

Surprisingly there aren’t a lot off smart electric kettles on the market so it will be a short list but the ones that exist will help you do just that. In case you are wondering what they are and how they are functioning you can check the below video for more details:

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Smarter SMKET01-US Electric iKettle, Silver


iKettle it can be controlled with the phone or with Amazon Alexa or Google Home so when it comes to smartness it has everything.  Some of the other features are the nice design and the desired temperature can be adjusted between 68-212 degrees F with the app. The price is quite high ( more then 100$) giving the fact that some standard electric kettles can be under 50$. The tank has 1.8 litres capacity which is enough and the power is 3kW.

AIMOX Smart Wifi Stainless Steel Electric Kettle 

AIMOX Smart Wifi Stainless Steel Electric Kettle through Smartphone Remote On/Off Switch and Temperature...

AIMOX can be remotely controlled with an Andoid or iPhone App, is not offering the possibility to have it controlled with Amazon Alexa or Google Home which is a shame. Some of the futures are:

  • Operate your remote control kettle via smart device ( iOS and Android ) with a downloadable app from your phone app store
  • 4 different temperatures to select: 65°C, 80°C, 95°C, 100°C degrees,great for tea, coffee, milk and or any beverage you want
  • Press a hold temperature button to keep liquid at a selected temperature for 30 minutes
  • Easily accessible with a 360° degree rotating base, and large 1.7 Liter capacity
  • Kettle body is made of SUS304 (food grade) stainless steel, shatterproof and durable
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Xiaomi Electric kettle Smart


This smart kettle ( if we can tell it this way) is made by the Chinese Phone Manufacture Xiaomi which doesn’t look to do a great work on this device as it can’t be stopped or started via the APP and it can only have the temperature controlled via the app. Because of this limitation is not actually very smart.


  • 1.5L water capacity.
  • Constant temperature control time can be up to 12hours.
  • 360 degree swivel power base provides durable use and convenience.
  • Triple security protection: Prevent electric shock, no electric leakage and auto power off.
It’s one of the best smart kettles as it has a great design and is working also with Amazon Alexa and Google Home. Unafortunately at the aricle write time is not available in the US only in Europe.
  • 1.7L Tank
  • 2400 W
  • Energy and Safety Controls
  • Keep warm base controls – up to 30 min
  • LED Display with manual user controls
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