Best Smart Key Finder.

Locating your keys or wallet can be a hustle especially when you are in a hurry. However, misplacing your wallet or keys shouldn’t be the reason you get late to work or an important meeting. Thanks to Smart Key Finders, losing your precious items will be a thing of the past. These devices can be placed on your car or house keys, backpack, wallet, luggage, bag, or purse.

Smart key finders differ from their features and design, and it is important to understand them to get one that will suit you well.

What to Check When Buying a Smart Key Finder.

A smart key finder is convenient when it comes to locating items that are prone to get lost in your home. However, there different types of smart key finders and it is important to understand them before making a purchase. Below are a few things to check when buying a smart key finder.

A) Bidirectional Finding.

This is a very important feature when it comes to a smart key finder. Bidirectional finding is a feature that allows you to locate your smart key finder. from your phone app and also locate your phone from the smart key finder. Locating the devices is mostly done by ringing the key finder or your phone to find it.

B) High Alert Sound.

An alarm system is very important for locating the items you’ve to place the smart key finder. The key locator should have a built-in efficient sound driver chip that produces plenty of sounds. This will always keep you on alert whenever you misplace any item.

C) Disconnected Location Reminder.

This is also a very important feature it should have. Once your device is disconnected, the smart key finder app will record the last position where the phone and the item were last connected and narrow the searching scope. This will allow you to easily approximate the last location of your missing item and quickly recover it.

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D) Design.

This involves the design of the smart key finder, size, weight, and other features that make it easily portable. Slim compact design will be great for you to place in any item. Others are also designed to be attached on keys.

E) Battery life.

Some smart key finders have built-in rechargeable batteries while others are designed with replaceable batteries. A quality smart key finder should provide sufficient power for months of use without power interruptions.

Best Smart Key Finder


Safedome smart key finder

The Safedome Recharge Bluetooth-enabled tracker fits neatly in your wallet, passport holder, luggage, backpack, or anything else you can’t afford to lose. Pair the Safedome Recharge with the free Safedome companion app and slip the credit card-sized device into any item you want to track. The Safedome Recharge is the world’s first Bluetooth tracker that can be wirelessly charged.

If you have lost an item, you can use the free Safedom app that shows the last location of your missing item on a map so you can easily track down your lost key or luggage bag. The Safedome tracking device is sealed and water-resistant. It also comes with a Qi wireless charger. The battery will last for up to three months on a single charge with typical usage.

Nutale Focus.

Nutale Key finder

With the Nutale Key finder, you can simply attach it to your frequently misplaced items such as keys, phone, wallet, and any other items. Then simply pair the key finder to the app. When the two are disconnected, you will get alerts and always keep track of all your belongings. Moreover, the key locator has a built-in efficient sound driver chip producing plenty of sounds. You will not miss an important reminder.

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The Nutale app will record the location where Nutale is disconnected with your phone, to help you to find lost belongings, pets, or kids. Besides, the smart key is low-power consumption with a battery-replaceable design resulting in a 10 months life span for every battery placed into it.


Nut  smart key finder

With one-touch find, range alerts and a compact, elegant design, Nut is more than just a key finder. No matter where you go, Nut3 is your companion and your peace of mind. Nut will alert you when you go out of range, so you don’t have to worry about leaving without the things you need. When Nut is disconnected with the phone, they will both beep to alarm you. And you will find the location from the App.

Also, this smart key is equipped with a one-touch find system. When you’ve lost your car keys or wallet and you are in a hurry, you can call your Nut3 by the phone and easily find it.


H+LUX Bluetooth Key Finder Locator

The H+LUX Bluetooth Key Finder Locator is a great convenience in searching or locating for your lost items and saving time. It comes with a convenient hole and allows you to tag your frequently misplaced items, such as keys, smartphones, luggage, backpacks, cameras, car key, wallets, passports, purses or other important items. It is also applicable for your pets.

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With this smart key finder, you can find lost items with your smartphone. If your key finder is within the 165ft Bluetooth range, just click the “Call” or “Beep” button in the App, it will play a loud tune until you find lost items. The app will also remember the last place where the smart tracker is disconnected from your item, so it will help you narrow the searching region and you will know where to start looking.


DinoFire Key Finder Locator with Bluetooth

DinoFire Key Finder Locator with Bluetooth is a great convenience in searching or locating for your lost items and saving time. With the one-touch two way find, you can use your phone to find lost items by clicking the ‘Call’ button. The key finder will beep and you can find the item based on the sound it produces. Likewise, you can also locate your phone by double-pressing the Smart tracker. Your phone will beep, then you can quickly find the phone, even if your phone is in an off state, vibration or silent mode.

Its compatible app will record the last position where the phone and the item were last disconnected and narrow the searching scope. It is also designed with a replaceable battery that can be used up to 6 months normally and more on sleep mode.