Best Smart Locks for 2018

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Don’t you just hate searching your bag for your keys? Enter the smart lock. No need to spend time looking for your keychain. The smart lock allows you to open up your home via the push of a button. You can find Bluetooth enabled locks or even locks that require biometrics to allow entry. One thing is for sure smart locks help make your home safer, makes it tougher for intruders to gain access. And some Smart Locks do not even have a keyhole, meaning they can not be picked. So if you are looking to sleep easy at night and have that peace of mind. Then read on and learn about the best smart locks of 2018.

August Smart Lock

When it comes to Smart Locks if you are looking for the best of the best, then without a doubt we have to recommend the August Smart Lock. It just looks like a round cylinder, actually, it replaces inside your deadbolt so you can keep using the same key. No need for an expensive installation it sets up easily with your existing door. The sensor can let you know if you have left the door open. No more stress of thinking you did not lock the door. This Smart lock can integrate flawlessly with other smart devices. It is compatible with Nest, HomeKit, and Xfinity. It has a Wi-Fi enabled so you can control your door remotely and works also with Alexa. You can also add an optional keypad so people can open the door without a key.

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Schlage Z-Wave Connect Camelot Touchscreen Deadbolt

If you are looking for the best value option then look no further than the Schlage Connect Touchscreen Deadbolt. This lock provides complete protection against any intruder who tries to force his way in. If the lock is broken in any way it will let out a loud siren. The lock actually has the highest possible security rating. Supports up to 30 different codes, and the touchscreen is fingerprint resistant. It sounds like a gadget you should find in a James Bond movie, but it can be yours. It can also connect easily with any smart home hub to allow you to control the smart lock remotely. This smart lock definitely is one of the safest, letting you rest easy knowing you have invested in your family’s safety.

Yale Assure Lock with Bluetooth

If you are always forgetting your keys, then the Yale Real Living Deadbolt is the best option for you. The Yale smart lock does not even have a keyhole. This means it is even more secure from burglars. It allows you to program up to 25 codes to open the door. The lock is very stylish looking and has a minimalist design. This means it can be set up with any sort of door decor. The Yale smart lock has a phone app that can unlock your home or manage who can have access. Once connected you are able to control the smart lock remotely and monitor it closely. Another nifty feature we like about this smart lock is that in the event the battery dies out, you can jolt start it with a battery to allow you to open the door.

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And that wraps it up for our best smart locks of 2018, these are the safest devices you can currently find on the market. When we review a smart lock we evaluate all their features. Ensuring that our recommendations are only for smart locks that give you the functionality you are looking for and remain safe. Because at the end of the door the most important function of a lock is to keep your home and possessions safe from burglars.


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