Best Smartphone Wallet With GPS.

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Just like traditional wallets, smart wallets have multiple slots for you to keep your money, business cards, ATM cards and other items you wish to store in your wallet. However, smart wallets are modern versions of classic wallets designed with electronics which not only keep your money safe but will also make it easier for you to locate the wallet.

In some cases, locating your wallet can be difficult if you can’t remember exactly where you had placed it. If this situation is familiar to you, then the smart wallet is what you need. Smart wallets are easy to find as they have GPS trackers that helps the owner to locate it via its phone app.

How a Smart Wallet is Different from a Normal Wallet.

Why should I get a smart wallet? How is it different from my normal wallet? All these are great questions and we will tell you why you must get one. Smart wallets are designed with great features made to make your life easier and give you peace of mind when it comes to simple tasks such as locating your wallet.

Below are some of the features that make a smart wallet different from a normal wallet.

GPS Location System.

Every smart wallet is designed with a location system synced with the application on your smartphone. With this feature, you can easily locate your wallet wherever you left it. Thanks to its tracking activity, losing your wallet will be a thing of the past.

RFID Blocking.

Radio Frequency Identification chips are devices implanted to your credit cards mainly to perform contactless payments. The chips are used by savvy thieves to easily read your card information without ever physically interacting with you or your cards. Having RFID blocking is a must-have feature for your security.

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High Alert Sound System.

An alert sound system is important for smart wallets. A quality alert system will help you easily locate your wallet. Most smart wallets have this feature and it is has proven to be very important. You can ring your wallet from your phone whenever you’ve misplaced it.

Safety Features.

Other Smart wallets are equipped with more security features apart from RFID blocking. Some smart wallet may require passwords or passcodes before you can unlock it. Some smart wallet provides the user with a Touch-ID feature for authentication.

Power Source.

Unlike an ordinary wallet, smart wallets are equipped with a power source to keep it running. Luckily, power interruptions will not be an issue since most smart wallets can run for more than a month without charging.

Below we’ve compiled the best smart wallets you could try for yourself.

Best Smartphone Wallet With GPS.

Smart LB.

Smart LB.

The Smart LB smartphone wallet is a great way to kick start this list of the best smartphone wallets with GPS. The smart wallet has it’s own GPS tracker and alarm. Once it leaves its allowed parameter for being stolen, it will emit an alarm and it will show up on your smartphone as well. The built-in GPS tracker will allow you to track down your wallet’s current location. With its two way anti-lost function, you can also ring your phone from the wallet if it gets lost.

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This wallet is designed with quality exquisite workmanship to suit your every need. It is made from top-grain cowhide, both in the inside and outside providing a soft and comfortable touch to it. Moreover, the quality of leather makes the smart wallet more durable and breathable. Besides, the wallet is designed with built-in multiple card slots ideal to hold credit cards, identification cards, cash, and other small items. Additionally, its high-quality battery provides fast charging of 5 hours for a standby time of up to one month.



With its GPS tracker and alarm system, the smart wallet by Electrilucn injects a social element and builds a network to find your wallet. This customizable tracker with an alarm system will ring and indicate where it is if you forget where you put it. Furthermore, you can also, find the phone by your wallet through this same function. It marks your current location with GPS.

Also, its BSEEK app allows the owner to report the information of missing wallet through the app to the server so that all users could find the wallet easily. Additionally, the wallet and the phone will beep if they are beyond the preset range. The app works well with iOS and Android devices with Bluetooth 4.0. Moreover, it supports Android 4.3 and iOS 7.0 or higher.

The smart wallet is made with four card slots, two cash layers, two coin layers and one photo window ideal for all your credit cards, business cards, identification cards, cash, and other necessities you might carry on your wallet. It is also made of high-quality PU leather that makes the wallet more durable and provides a comfortable feeling.

Smart LB.

Smart LB wallet

Replace your traditional leather wallet with the new Smart LB wallet. It is equipped with a GPS tracker that lets you easily locate your wallet via the GPS module on your phone. With its intelligent two way anti-lost system, you can be able to locate both your phone or wallet. When you forget to bring your wallet, your phone will remind you of the bell. Additionally, if you also forget to bring your phone, the wallet will remind you.

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The wallet is made from high-quality leather on the inside and outside to provide a classic look to it. Moreover, it makes it resistant to dirt, water or unexpected scratches. The outer skin embraces its cowhide textures, which both bring the luxury look and keep it handy in your hands. Also, the wallet is designed with built-in multiple card slots ideal to hold credit cards, identification cards, cash, and other small items.

With the Smart LB wallet, you can make your life more intelligent and more convenient with its amazing functions such as smart find, anti-lost, location record, and remote photographing. It also has a built-in battery that provides fast charging of up to 5 hours for you to enjoy a standby time of more than a month.

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