Best SmartWatches for Android and iPhone

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Anyone who was present during the early 80’s will remember the revolutionary Casio Calculator Watch.  This ambitious attempt at computerizing the wristwatch has long since evolved to a new age of multifunctional timekeeping.  The SmartWatch is a multifaceted, computerized wristwatch that has advanced far beyond telling the time.  Compared to a Personal Digital Assistant (PDA), SmartWatches are able to perform basic tasks for the user.  Tasks like calculating, translation as well as game play.  As the demand for functionality increased, so did the capabilities of various SmartWatches.

Many of the major players in the telecommunication market have launched their own version of this technology, and some with full mobile phone capability.  This groundbreaking leap in technology has allowed users to make and answer phone calls just like spy’s do in the movies. But modern accessories are more than just wearable computers; they have become fashion accessories of the connected.  Let’s take a closer look at the best SmartWatches for Android and iPhone users.

Luxury Bluetooth SmartWatch Wrist Wrap Phone


Compatible with IOS Apple iPhone as well as the Android based Samsung, this Smart device makes the most of Bluetooth.  Designed to pair with all Bluetooth V2.0 and above devices, this is the perfect entry-level device for first time SmartWatch users.  Let’s take a closer look at what it can do:

The Luxury boasts a range of 10 meters, so you don’t need to hold onto your SmartPhone to make use of it.  This feature also means that users can answer and make calls from their wrist.  It has a bulkier touch screen measuring at 1.48”, but does allow a variety of display options for the user.  Users are also able to use this device as a shutter control when taking photos, taking the traditional “selfie” to new heights.  An added bonus of a Loss Alarm will notify you when your phone has been disconnected from the watch, helping you ensure that you are always connected.Luxury Bluetooth SmartWatch Wrist Wrap Phone

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Sony Smart Watch SW2

Sony’s contribution to the smart device is designed for Android users.  The SmartWatch 2 interacts using Bluetooth for effortless synchronization with your phone.  This convenient connection means that users are able to see notifications and make phone calls.  All while being able to control music from your watch.  A gentle vibration on your wrist will keep even the busiest user up-to-date with everything tech related.  Let’s take a closer look at the specs:

The SW2 was designed to be compatible for any smartphone using Android V4.0 and above.  Making use of designed apps from Google Play store, the SW2 keeps users connected with a single touch on the screen.  Fitness fanatics will appreciate the simplicity of keeping up-to-date with all the latest apps on offer.  The same simplicity that allows anyone to stay connected without having to keep their phones close at hand.

Sony SmartWatch SW2

Pebble Smartwatch

The Pebble installment of the SmartWatch is geared toward both iPhone and Android users.  To compete with the big players in the field, Pebble made their SmartWatch interesting by allowing users to personalize their interface.  This minor feature isn’t the only standout on offer, the screen is readable in any light and is water resistant.  They achieved this by using the e-Paper display, giving wearers the convenience of one-glance in any light.

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Designed with adventure seekers in mind, the lightweight design is comfortable.  This adventurous spirit inspired Pebble to create a scratch-resistant display for users on the go.  What’s more is that the battery life is an impressive 5 to 7 days on a single charge.  It includes all the standard SmartWatch features of notifications and being able to make and answer calls.  Giving Pebble users the opportunity to enjoy life without skipping a beat.

Pebble SmartWatch

Samsung Galaxy Gear

No list would be complete without adding Samsung to the mix.  The Galaxy Gear is pegged as the smart companion made to enhance your life without cramping your style.  While it offers much of the same features as the competition, the S Voice function does have its perks.  S Voice allows hands-free control of the device with voice commands and Smart Relay.  Two minor applications that keep users totally connected without much effort at all.

Like the Pebble, users can customize their Galaxy Gear with Gear Manager.  But the Gear offers users a variety of colors and styles to choose from, being suitable for any user.  Dust proof and water-resistant, the Galaxy Gear us the perfect addition to the Smart device library.

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Samsung Galaxy Gear

Samsung Gear 2 Neo

Last on the list of SmartWatch contenders is another installment from Samsung.  Again using the tagline of being tailored to suit your look and lifestyle, the smart companion offers real-time interaction for users.  Taking the convenience of S Voice while and Gear Manager for this model, Samsung extended the appeal with enabling users to change wrist straps according to their style.  The Gear 2 Neo gives users a personal touch by allowing them to change features, optimize apps as well as personalize their interface.

These seemingly small features do make this device fun for users to use, but is more suited to busy professionals.  Being able to stay connected without becoming distracted by a busy device is a huge bonus for the Gear 2 Neo.  Plus the voice command makes staying in touch as easy as telling your device what to do.

Samsung Gear 2 Neo

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