Best Spy Software for Android in 2020

We are living in an era of technological advancement. People have embraced the use of technology all over the world. Android, for example, has gained popularity as the leading mobile operating system. It has about 81% of the market share because of its flexibility and affordability. Due to information accessed by different people using their devices, it is becoming increasingly important to monitor the access to the internet and other use of technological tools.

When you are a parent, for example, you may be interested in establishing what your kids are doing with their devices. However, this monitoring should not be for malicious purposes. As a result, the advent of technology has seen developers design many spy software for Android. If you are looking for the best spy software for Android, then consider these options.


Cocospy is one of the most famous spies for Android. It comes as a complete cell phone tracking solution with several features. Its reliability has made the best spy software for Android. This spy app has a combination of basic as well as advance monitoring features. With it, you can monitor all activities without physical access to the device being targeted. Browsing through call logs, access to messages, and access to internet history is possible when using Cocospy. It also enables you to obtain information exchanged through emails, social media accounts, and even tracking location through GPS data.

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Spyic spy app

Spyic app also forms part of the best spy software for Android. It offers you an essential standard monitoring feature. Through this app, tracking call history, access to contact details, and reading device user messages is made easy. It also gives you a chance to see media files and calendar events of the device targeted.


This is one of the best spy software for Android. It has simplified features that are good for use by the parents. However, due to its intensity, using it in the enterprise is the most ideal. It has varied features and can easily be hidden. Spyera comes with remote control support. It also has an SMS spoofing.


XNSPY is among the best spy software for Android devices. It comes with excellent features like call log monitoring, chat access, GPS tracking, and web browsing monitor. With the XNSPY basic version, you get access to some staff. However, when using the premium version of XNSPY, it offers you a chance to look at everything. This spy software is ideal for families and also business use.

Kiddie parental control

In this error of technology, parents have given their children devices. Many times they may not know what is bad for them as far as the use of the device is concerned. For this reason, many parents would want to be aware of how their children are using devices intending to protect them. Kiddie parental control is one of the best software for Android to serve that purpose. It is installed on the phones used by the kids and keeps track of what they do. It has features for blocking asp installation, limit call duration, and parental content filter. This app also enables the parents to track network activities of the device used by the kids. You can access this app through a single cost purchase or based on subscription bases service.

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Cerberus spy app

This software is the best for phone tracking. It is the best spy software for android devices for personal use. When your smartphone is stolen, you can track it using Cerberus. It comes with features like taking photos of the prospective robber, SMS command, and the ability to lock and wiping your data. Besides, it also enhances phone location on a map. Although you cannot use this software to track other people’s devices, this app can run exemplary spy on who steals your phone.

Google family link

Google family link is also the best spy software for Android devices recommended for parents. Through this software, parents can keep track of how kids are using their devices by just use of your Google account. It offers you a chance to view activities undertaken by devices held by the kids. Besides, it also enables you to manage apps on their devices. Setting device limits and locking them where necessary is an option available when using the Google family link.

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This is one of the best spy software for Androidapplications. It offers you a chance to monitor all digital communications through phones. It has the most advance features, like listening to live phone calls and recording them secretly. Through Flexispy, you can access a complimentary password cracker service to obtain the password from the device user.


iKeymonitor software is a user-friendly spy app for Android. Through this software, you can track all the social media accounts, locations of the device user, and critical logger feature. This makes iKeymonitor one of the best spy software for Android. It allows you a full version trial for some days before you can decide to buy.


The above spy software for Android is good but should be used within the legal limits. Using them for illegal purposes can attract legal suits.