Best Spy Software for iPhone, iPad & Mac: iOS Apps/ Catalina/ Sierra/ High Sierra

Apple company has gained fame all over the world for its high-quality products. But the scarcity of their spying applications has been experienced. Many companies have tried their best to come up with some spying applications that will be compatible with Apple products. We will take a look at the best applications and software for Apple products. We will also highlight their features and capabilities.

The XNspy application

This application was ranked as the best spying app for both the iPhone and IPad. The application is capable of performing simple tasks such as spying messages and call logs and it is also able to perform complex operations such as remote loading of the IOS. This application is updated up-to-date and it is also compatible with the latest versions of IOS. The pricing of the applications starts from $8.33 per month but this will depend on the payment package you will choose.

Spy bubble application

This is a very special application since it can be installed on either an iPhone, IPad or even it can be installed in a MacBook. The following devices are compatible with the spy bubble app:

  • IPhone5
  • iPhone 5s
  • iPhone 4
  • iPhone 3GS
  • IPad 1
  • IPad 2
  • IPad mini
  • Mac OS 6.1
  • Mac OS 5.x
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The application has the following capabilities:

  • Gallery monitoring- If the user has this application, he/she can be able to monitor the gallery in terms of the pictures, videos stored there.
  • Call recording- one can be able to record calls using this application.
  • GPS tracking- this application can track locations via the use of GPS

To install this application, the user has to part away with around $50 which is a one-time payment and you get to enjoy all the amazing features of the applications. One of the disadvantages is that perhaps the application is meant for previous versions of the apple products.

Mspy application

This application is third on our list. This application allows remote monitoring of the target iPhone. It is a very ideal application for parents who would like to track their children’s iPhones. For one to install the application. He/she must jailbreak. As for this application, it supports IOS versions from7.0 to 9.1. It is quite an expensive application since one has to pay around $200 to install and use it. Some of its features include:

  • It offers 24/7 multi-language support.
  • Has remote-tracking capability
  • It has a friendly interface.

Spyzie application

This is another reliable spy application that can be used with Apple products. The application has a wide variety of features such as:

  • It is capable of recording messages.
  • Capable of providing call information.
  • Gives full access to multimedia
  • Gives access to all applications installed on the iPhone.
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Well, this application can be only installed in devices that have an IOS version of 8.0 and above. The iPhone doesn’t need to be jailbreak to install the application. To get limited access to the features, you have to part with close to $99 per year while those who want to have full access will have to part with $100 per year. It is a relatively cheap application.

Flexispy application

Just as the name suggests, the application is very flexible to various devices. It comes with around 150 different amazing features. An amazing thing about the application is that after installation, you don’t need direct physical contact with the target iPhone since one can monitor it remotely via their website. Some of its features include:

  • Social media monitoring
  • E-mail monitoring.
  • Location tracking.,
  • Messages tracking
  • Listening to phone conversations.

The pricing packages are as follows:

  • 1 month for $68
  • 3months for $100
  • 12 months for $150
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Unfortunately, this application is only compatible with mobile devices both iPhone and Android phones.

Spy application

This application is compatible with both iPhones and Android phones. The application doesn’t need a jailbreak to be installed. It has a wide variety of features which come with it. Spyic application has all of the common features that one would expect an iPhone spying application to have. The pricing packages are as follows:

  • Premium version (only 1 user) for 12 months goes for $133 which is equivalent to $11 per month.
  • The family version which can monitor up to 5 devices goes for $400 per year
  • The business version which can monitor up to 25 devices goes for $1000 per year.


Generally, those 6 applications highlighted above are the best applications you can trust mist especially when it comes to tracking iPhones and other devices. The applications have been tested and certified. The majority of the applications come with the remote tracking feature which is also an added advantage. There are many other trusted applications so you can choose the app you would install on your device. Some of the apps are also compatible with IOS, Mac OS, android, and other operating systems.