Best Surge Protectors with USB

Surge protectors with USB are important for your office or home if you’re looking to safely power many devices at once. Power irregularities can happen at any time and cause unrecoverable damages to your home or office appliances and devices. With good quality surge protectors, you don’t need to worry about the safety of your devices while it’s connected.

Below is a list of the best surge protectors with USB that you should know about.


Belkin SurgePlus

The Belkin SurgePlus is a popular device when it comes to surge protectors. This model ensures a high level of protection with a 918-Joule surge rating. It has three grounded outlets for charging AC powered devices and two additional USB ports for USB enabled devices. In addition, the Belkin SurgePlus offers fast charging to both USB outlets.

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This device is also easy to use. You simply plug it to an AC outlet and its good to go. It also offers a 360-degree rotation to enable it to fit in small and tight spaces.


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Ranked as Amazon’s choice, this is definitely a surge protector to consider. With 900-Joule surge protection, the AmazonBasics guarantees utmost protection to all connected devices, especially during surges. It has three power outlets and two USB ports making it multifunctional.

It is equipped with a LED protection indicator that lights up once connected. Furthermore, it has a small and sleek design which saves on space and makes it easily portable. This makes it ideal for your home use, office and for traveling.

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BESTTEN wall-mount surge protector

The BESTTEN wall-mount surge protector has a 300-Joules surge rating. This enables you to charge up to three AC powered devices and four USB enables devices simultaneously. Additionally, it has 2.4 amps per USB port which enables it to deliver the required power needed for fast and efficient charging.

The BESTTEN surge protector is designed to be mounted on the wall making it easy to install and use. This keeps your floor space tidy and clear of tangled cables. It is also equipped with dual slide-out holders that keep your mobile devices secure and intact while charging.


HITRENDS surge protector

This is another great option to consider when getting a surge protector with USB ports especially if you want to power many devices at the same time. The HITRENDS surge protector is designed with six grounded AC power outlets and six USB ports to charge up to 12 devices simultaneously.

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This unit ensures a high level of protection to your devices from power spikes and electrical surges. It is also made of fire resistant material to prevent any fire outbreaks. In addition, its six feet cord allows you to connect the surge protector to a distant wall making it ideal for home and office use.


BESTEK surge protector

The BESTEK surge protector has a 600-Joule rating ensuring protection to all devices connected. With eight AC outlets and four USB ports, you can safely charge up to 12 devices concurrently. Furthermore, its USB ports ensure fast and efficient charging of to all connected devices.

This unit is designed with a six feet power cord to enable it to be kept anywhere. It is also equipped with a lighted switch with an integrated circuit breaker for overload protection.

Tripp Lite.

Tripp Lite

With an impressing 1080-Joule surge rating, the Tripp Lite is a sure guarantee for maximum protection for any appliance connected to it. Its LED indicator confirms the protection status once it’s connected. Furthermore, it is integrated with an automatic shutoff that cuts power to all outlets once the power becomes irregular.

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The Tripp Lite surge protector has six AC outlets compatible with most appliances and an additional four USB ports for your phones and tablets. In addition, its four USB ports share a power outage of 3.4 amps that ensure efficient charging to your devices.


HOLSEM surge protector

The HOLSEM surge protector has six compactly allocated AC outlets and six widely spaced sockets making it ideal for your home office and professional workstations. It also has two USB charging ports with Smart IC technology for fast charging and an extra USB port for normal charging. This enables this surge protector to safely power up to 15 devices simultaneously.
Impressively, it has a 4000-Joule surge rating and made of fire resistant material to ensure maximum protection to your devices and prevent any fire outbreaks from occurring. The HOLSEM surge protector gives you the option of a six feet power cable that allows you to attach it to an AC outlet on a wall or a four keyhole mounting slots at the back for wall mounting.