5 Best Terraform Courses

Terraform is a tool utilized in developing, versioning, and changing infrastructure effectively and safely. It can manage both tailor-made in house solutions and already existing service providers. Configuration files highlight and recommend to terraform the elements required to manage your datacenter or an application.

Terraform them produces an execution plan illustrating the actions it will take to achieve the desired state. It will then implement it to develop the illustrated infrastructure. While the configuration evolves, Terraform identifies the changes and produces more implementation plans which can be adapted.

Terraform can handle low-level element infrastructure such as networking, storage, and compute instances. Additionally, it can also handle high-level elements such as SaaS features and DNS entries. The fundamental Terraform features are Execution plans, infrastructure code, change automation, and resource graph.

1. Learn DevOps: Infrastructure Automation With Terraform

The Terraform course is specially designed for people who already hold a DevOps or Ops position in their places of work, and are interested in learning how to automate with Terraform. For efficient learning, individuals need an AWS account which they can open free of charge.

During the course, you will understand how you can utilize Terraform to automate your infrastructure. Further, you will learn about Terraform with Docker, AWS, packer, EKS, ECS, and Jenkins. At the end of this course, you should be able to automate your infrastructure with ease.

Key USPs

  • Learn how to open an AWS account
  • Understand how Terraform enables you to describe your entire cloud infrastructure
  • Take advantage of the instructor’s prowess in customizing the course to guarantee easy understanding of the basics of terraform
  • Learn how Terraform helps you to automate infrastructure on AWS
  • Leverage on the provided code example to enhance your skills

Rating: 4.3
Price: $12.99
Enrolled students: 15,597
Content Hours: 06:41:38

2. Terraform – Beginner to Advanced 2019

Terraform is among the most utilized tools in the market today used to generate an execution plan. In order to benefit from this robust tool, you need to attend a beginner course especially if you lack the required experience.

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This course is specially designed for people who are passionate about Terraform and are interested in mastering their expertise in the same. It is also ideal for you if you want to understand the infrastructure as code concept.

Having an AWS account will be an added advantage. Terraform is capable of supporting numerous providers such as Azure, AWS, and GCP among many others. This explains why many companies are committed to ensuring that their employees get adequate training to enhance their terraform skills. This course will come in handy for you if you are a DevOps engineer.

Key USPs

  • Evaluate terraform practices and modules
  • Take advantage of the instructor’s selflessness and zeal when it comes to training, a character which has ranked them among the top instructors across the world
  • Improve your Terraform skills and help your company scale
  • Execute terraform within your organization

Rating: 4.3
Price: $34.99
Enrolled students: 1,142
Content Hours: 5:55:09

3. Learn AWS Infrastructure for Production & Intro to Terraform

Do you want to enhance your AWS career? Perhaps you are interested in learning how to utilize AWS in the actual world. If the answer is yes, this course is designed for you. You will need a Mac, Linux, or Windows computer and an AWS account. Having a basic understanding of IT concepts and AWS services will be an added advantage.

During the course, you will learn how to use terraform to handle AWS and build up slack and understand how to configure 3Tier infrastructure in AWS console. If you are an engineer working within the AWS sector, this course will help you scale your career.

Whether you are a veteran or a beginner in the field, this course will give you the knowledge you require to execute AWS concepts n order to develop an infrastructure capable of handling any magnitude of production workload and escalating to numerous customers from scratch.

The course is specially created to enable novice students to understand how AWS services collaborate and utilize a safe 3 tier architecture and the best practices to accommodate a web application. When this course comes to completion, you will be able to accommodate your production applications in progression.

Key USPs

  • Understand the most popular skills of handling infrastructure as code with terraform
  • Take advantage of the step by step procedure to learn how to write your infrastructure as code generating all the elements in your infrastructure by use of Terraform
  • Make use of the Develops using Slack category to master strategies of utilizing cloud watch alarms to increase visibility in your cloud, understand SNS topics generating messages to slack, and scaling policies.
  • Every resource you need is attached to each section. Use them to improve your skills.
  • Produce and handle production infrastructure in AWS
  • Learn how to utilize terraform to operate AWS infrastructure
  • Understand how to utilize slacks to execute Develops
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Rating: 4.4
Price: $12.99
Enrolled students:1,869
Content Hours: 4:44:54

4. Terraform indepth(2019) – With 10 Realworld Job Case studies

This course is designed for people who are interested in learning how to utilize terraform to manage and redistribute cloud resources automatically. Students will learn the fundamentals of Terraform and advanced concepts such as interpolation, modules, and state files.

For this course, you will need, efficient internet connection, an AWS account, an understanding of basic cloud concepts, and basic knowledge about computing concepts. This course covers both basic and advanced topics using actual time examples.

AWS engineers involved in the creation of this course supported numerous circumstances within the production environment. While the course is mainly AWS based, various sections are Azure and Google cloud-based. In this course, there are 10 realworld job scenarios to execute.

You will understand how to initiate production scale web application stack using terraform at a go. Additionally, you will understand how to launch a comprehensive web application stack including App servers, 2 ELBs, RDS with Multi-AZ replication and web servers.

You will utilize terraform and KOPS to initiate Kubernetes cluster and in the process master docker basics, hosted zone creation, and kubernetes architecture. At the end of the course, you will be capable of solving all the 10 realworld challenge scenarios in order to test your understanding of Terraform.

Key USPs

  • Get a comprehensive understanding of Terraform by working on ten realworld job scenarios
  • Understand how to utilize terraform to initiate AWS EKS
  • Understand how to utilize provisioners and modules to initiate ELK stack also known as centralized logging.
  • Learn how modules can help you initiate ELB, EC2
  • Master the basic Azure and GCP concepts, and how you can utilize terraform to initiate them
  • Learn the importance of state files
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Enrolled students:713
Content Hours: 11:51:03

5. Hands-On Infrastructure Automation with Terraform on AWS

If you are a backend developer, DevOps, SREs, infrastructure, or cloud engineer, this course is designed for you. You will find it beneficial if you are interested in understanding the functionality of an advanced tool that enables you to execute your entire infrastructure as code.

Infrastructure as Code delivers a fast, stable, reproducible, and reliable environment at scale. Many cloud engineers today are utilizing Terraform to automate the distribution of infrastructure across key infrastructure providers. It handles all infrastructures as code which can be shared, edited, reused, and version regulated in all teams.

This course incorporates Terraform to cut down effort and time when distributing infrastructures. Students will write infrastructure code to import, change, create, and demolish resources. At the end of this course, you should be able to utilize intricate infrastructure configurations to launch and maintain your own deployments.

Key USPs

  • Understand how you can save your company time and write recyclable Terraform modules to elevate infrastructure patterns within the organization.
  • Learn how to execute duplicate infrastructure distribution by adopting the best practices of Infrastructure as Code.
  • Develop intricate environments and utilize atomic Terraform stacks to minimize the range of any changes
  • Understand the Terraform command line for automated deployments and local development.
  • Master skills you need to collaborate with your team when working with Terraform.

Rating: 4.6
Enrolled students: 91
Content Hours:03:07:01

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The above courses will improve your skills and help you elevate operations in your company. Having comprehensive knowledge will also help you build your own career as a developer.