Best Tips & Tricks to Prepare for Microsoft MS-101 Exam. How Exam Dumps Will Assist You

In the modern world, Microsoft is considered to be the leading vendor of prestigious IT certifications and exams that focus on equipping the candidate with the necessary industry skills and knowledge. In addition, it is also the renowned developer and seller of both hardware and software products. Microsoft 365 is one of the latest products which allows the clients to access various Office applications such as Word, PowerPoint, OneDrive as well as Skype. So, to be proficient in Microsoft 365 applications, IT professionals are recommended to take corresponding Microsoft training and relevant certification process, which includes passing MS-101 test.

What Do MS-101 and Its Badge Entail?

Exam MS-101 is intended for candidates who want to be Microsoft 365 enterprise administrators. It is meant to sharpen their existing skills in the evaluation, planning, migration, deployment, and management of the entire Microsoft MS-101 Practice Test Questions . Besides, the candidates for this assessment should also have solid knowledge and work experience in Microsoft 365 workloads. The Microsoft MS-101 test is made up of the following topics:

  • Modern device services usage;
  • Deploying of Microsoft 365 threat, security, and management;
  • Microsoft 365 compliance and governance control.

The above topics are going to be distributed in 40-60 questions which will take 150 minutes to be completed. The format of questions can vary but in your exam you can expect multiple-choice, build lists, and active screen tasks, among the rest. Besides, every candidate is supposed to pay an entry price of $165 to be able to sit for this accreditation.

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But why strain yourself and go through ExamSnap Microsoft MS-101 Questions ? Well, this test alongside MS-100 is mandatory if a candidate wants to get his/her desirable Microsoft 365 Certified Enterprise Administrator Expert credential. However, there are also further requirements for earning this badge, which means that before enrolling for MS-100 & MS-101 you must possess one of such six certifications like, for example, Microsoft 365 Certified Modern Desktop Administrator Associate, Microsoft 365 Certified Teamwork Administrator Associate, or Messaging Administrator Associate. For the whole list of the prerequisites for Microsoft 365 Certified Enterprise Administrator Expert, check out the related Microsoft page.

What You Have to Do in Your Prep for MS-101 Exam?

It is very prudent to make your preparation very effective as the main assessment evaluates all the topics which are highlighted in the official curriculum outline. The best way to do so is to have a strategy that can help you cover all the topics within a short time. Here are the actual techniques for launching MS-101 exam prep that we compiled especially for you:

  1. Make the exam objectives be your guide

Any preparation requires a good guide because there are plenty of concepts that you are supposed to understand. Get MS-101 exam objectives and make them as your guide. The only thing you have to do is to ensure that you have covered some of the test objectives every time you prepare. Besides, the examiners follow the assessment objectives while coming with the real exam questions. Therefore, you will be at the right place to come up with better solutions to questions in real accreditation.

  1. Train extensively on the main topics
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Every exam is made up of the main topics as well as the minor topics. You must identify the main areas and focus on them during your preparation. Once you have covered them extensively, you can manage to answer 70% of the actual assessment. Therefore, you must invest your time in the topics that are going to be hugely featured in the actual exam.

  1. Practice with exam dumps

There is nothing more important in preparation for a certification exam than using braindumps. This is because they give you a clear picture of what the actual test looks like. One of the best platforms which offers reliable exam dumps is This provider shares updated no-fee dumps that have been upload by real exam-takers who know the entire nature of the actual test. But those who want to be streets ahead in their performance can opt for the Premium Bundle that was specially designed for the Microsoft MS-101 exam. sells this package for $39,97 and has collected in it an expert-validated exam dump, a study guide, and a video tutorial; all these to boost the quality of your prep. However, to get the best out of these braindumps, download the VCE Exam Simulator to help you get ready for your test in a way that is similar to that of the actual one. This software is a perfect tool for preparation because it allows candidates to take topical questions and analyze their scores.

  1. Time management
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Time is a factor to consider in the assessment taking environment. You have to answer all the questions within the time limit and there is no extra time allowed. Thus, you should also squeeze your time such that you can manage to go through all the test questions.

  1. Focused discussion with colleagues

The next step you can take is to discuss with friends who want to sit for the same exam. Get into a focused group and analyze various materials that can help you get the actual skills and knowledge to answer all questions in the test. As a result, you are going to cement your knowledge in MS-101 exam concepts.

Career Prospects

After gaining your Microsoft 365 Certified Enterprise Administrator Expert you can work as an Enterprise Administrator. According to the research done by, profound knowledge in Microsoft 365 comes with a lot of benefits including a high salary which equals $96,679 per year.


The Microsoft MS-101 is the ideal exam for the professionals who want to get the Microsoft 365 Certified Enterprise Administrator Expert badge and who regularly engage with Microsoft 365 applications in their place of work. This certification can equip you with solid knowledge to deliver effective solutions to business enterprises. All you have to do now is to ensure that you have met at least one prerequisite and proceed to preparation. Make sure that you visit for their best & actual exam dumps. All the best!