Best Type-C Charging Station for Phones or Tablets in 2019

If you have ever been in a dilemma where your phone/tablet is literally at 1% but you can’t change it because all the power outlets are in use, then this article was specifically crafted for you. With the introduction of type-c charging stations, the torture of helplessly seeing your phone dying will be a thing of the past.

There are different varieties of Type-C charging stations, some may vary from the number of ports while others it is all about the design. Continue reading this article to find out which charging station best suits you.

Hercules Tuff Charging Station

Hercules Tuff Charging StationThe Hercules Tuff Charging station is among the most popular charging stations currently in the market. Unlike most charging stations for phones, this design comes with six short power cables; Type-C cables, Apple Lightning and Micro-USB cables.

As opposed to most charging stations which offer a fast charge of 2.4A capability to one or two charging ports, the Hercules Tuff offers a fast charge to all ports of up to 10A. Furthermore, it is equipped with an IA chip that automatically stops charging once your devices reach 100% to prevent overcharging.


Poweroni 4-Port Charging StationThis is yet another amazing charging station in the market now. The 4-Port charging station by Poweroni has four smart USB ports that can charge up to 2.4A each. It has a built-in Adaptive Smart Chip that detects and provides the optimal charging current for the connected devices.
The charging station is also equipped with a built-in status LED indicators that automatically shuts off immediately when your device is fully charged. Apart from the Type-C cables, it also supports other kinds of charging cables such as the Apple Lightning, Micro-USB, Mini-USB, and many others.

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It is also compatible with all iOS devices and Android phones.



COSOOSThe 6-port charging station by COSOOS not only works smoothly with the Type-C USB type but also other USB-powered devices such as iOS devices, Android, Kindle, smart speakers, earbuds, headsets, and even lamps. Its ports have a 2.4A quick charging feature that enables you to charge your device quicker.

An inbuilt smart chip-set is installed which automatically detects your devices and provide the necessary power to those devices. It can provide up to 12A from all six ports collectively.
This charging station by COSOOS is designed with seven detachable baffles and a watch holder which can also be easily separated from the base. This in return saves a lot of space and makes it easily portable. Furthermore, it is integrated with a cutting-edge circuitry that keeps your devices safe from overcharging.

Juicy Power

AVLT-Power Charging StationAmong the most sought-after charging station currently. The Juicy Power charging station by AVLT-Power can power and charge up 10 devices simultaneously. Regardless of it is compatible with all devices, it has reversible USB Type-C ports that provide a 3A output depending on your device for faster charging.

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No more clattered cables and disorganized counters. This unit is designed to effectively save on space and look neat at the same time. The silicon-padded slots hold your devices vertically while its rubber feet sets the entire charging station firmly on any surface.

This Charging station also protects your phone from over-charge, over-voltage, short-circuit, and over-current incidents that may damage your phone.


gofancoThis charging station can hold and charge up to 7 devices simultaneously. It also has an added large space for wearable devices and other devices that cannot fit in the slots. The gofanco keeps your devices neat and organized. There won’t be unnecessary plugging of cables in a single power outlet to charge your devices.

Its multiple ports deliver a maximum output of 2.4A each for power hungry devices and large tablets that require more power. With its Smart-Flow Charging Technology, each port identifies the exact amount of voltage required for the connected device and matches it for a secure and quick charging.

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Moreover, your devices are kept safe while charging within their own 3/4inch anti-sliding silicon padded slots. It also has a high-quality surge-protection feature that secures your phone against overheating and overcharging.


UNITEK USB Charging Station.With its multiple charging ports, it is convenient for a large group of people with multiple devices. It comes with an organizer docking station with adjustable baffles that easily allows you to set the width of your slots depending on the size of your device.

It is equipped with a certified Power Supply Adapter and a Multi-Protection system that protects your devices against overcharging and short-circuits. With its 60W Power, it can charge up to 10 devices simultaneously providing 2.4A per port for fast charging.


Techbuds Charging StationIt comes with a very unique addition compared to other charging stations. It has four ports for wired charging a removable slim charging pad for wireless charging. The charging station by Techbud is made up of an anti-slip silica gel cover with an extra feeling that protects your device from scratches.

In addition, it has an inbuilt smart chip which can decipher automatically the power requirements for the multiple connected devices and supply them with the necessary charge for fast charging. It is also clean and neat making it blend in well in areas such as living rooms and even workplaces.