Best USB Type-C Power Banks for Samsung S10, S10 Plus

Smartphones are such an important part of our personal, social, and business life that we can’t help ourselves but use them all the time for several reasons. The growing numbers of interesting and useful apps, games, and social media connections have made smartphones ever hungry for charging. Keeping them charged seems to be a challenge especially if you are out, or a traveler, or just can’t run to a switchboard every time your phone needs a recharge. That’s when power banks become essential. They keep your smartphones ever charged irrespective of place or time.
Powerbanks with a USB type-C port are an additional boon. They provide a wide range of power charging options that support tablets, smartphones, notebooks, and iOS devices. Charging becomes easy, fast, and powerful enough to charge devices like laptops.
All Samsung Galaxy S series including s10 and s10+ can be charged with USB C PD power banks with an output of over 18w or more. So even if you upgrade your phone, the power bank you purchase will continue to work for upgraded versions.
Before we jump on to some recommendations, let’s take a look at what things to look while choosing a power bank.

Things to consider while buying a power bank


Just don’t go for high capacity blindly. First, a bigger capacity power bank may be heavier and larger. And secondly, you may not need it at all. Consider the devices you are going to charge with this power bank. A laptop needs a powerful capacity, but a smartphone can be charged with a capacity of 3.350 mAh.

Conversion rate:

Always consider the conversion rate. A good power back offers you a conversion rate between 75 to 85%.


Having more ports mean you can charge several other accessories at the same time. Make sure it has a USB type C port and 2Aoutport ports as well.

LED indicators:

LED indicators help to know the charging level of the power bank.

Size and weight:

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Powerbanks are supposed to be with you always, and for that reason, they need to be lightweight and slim. Heavy power banks will be less portable and difficult to carry around.

Best USB Type-C Power Banks for Samsung S10 and s10 Plus

Due to the need and usefulness of USB type C power banks, we have collected some of the best ones in the market. These power banks are carefully chosen to keep in mind several factors like battery life, output, size and weight, and other such useful features. Let’s take a look and see which one covers all you need in a power bank.

Zendure A6PD 20100mAh Ultra-Durable PD Power Bank with USB-C Input/Output

Zendure’s power charger

Zendure’s power charger provides high-speed 3A power charging for USB type-C devices, and with its 45w USB-C input and output, it is compatible to all smartphones including latest Samsung series to iPhones and even high powered devices like Macbook. With its slim and smart look, it can be your ideal travel partner. You don’t have to worry about a dead phone or laptop anymore. Its 20,100mAh power capacity allows you to charge all your devices efficiently. The power bank comes with all sort of safety protections like a short circuit, over-heating, over-charging, or over-surge. Power bank shares a lot of positive reviews from the customers who were fully satisfied with its work.

iWALK Ultra Slim Quick Charge Power Bank with Type-C Built-in Cables

iWALK USB power bank

This power bank by iWALK comes with two type-C cables, one for charging iPads, iPhones, and iPods, and the other one for charging Samsung series including s10 and s10+. Its large capacity can charge iPhone X 2.3 times, iPhone 8–3.4 times, and Samsung Galaxy series 2.2 times. With only 0.3inches thickness and 7.90z weight, the power bank is easy to carry in any handbag. The USB output port is compatible with QC3.0 and QC2.0 and takes less time to charge your device full. Its smart LED display shows battery status, device charging voltage, and current charging time for the trio. The power bank comes at a very reasonable price.

USB C Power Bank Portable Charger Omars

Anker USB Hub Adapter

This power bank also supports devices and appliances with a USB type C Power delivery protocol, including all the latest iPhones, Samsung series and other smartphones. Its 18w output can charge your devices fast and in considerably less time. The power bank features three ports, one USB type C, USB A, and Micro USB so keep all your watches, phones, gadgets, and headphones charged. With its 10000mAh capacity, it surely is going to cater your all charging needs. With its universal capacity, you can charge all USB type-C and USB-A compatible devices. The Power bank’s Li-Polymer batteries adhere to all safety and quality standards. It provides over-charged protection, and advanced short-circuit protection to ensure the safety of your expensive devices. With a 12-month warranty and all these wonderful features, the power bank is very reasonably priced.

10400mAh USB C Power Bank by Charmast

10400mAh USB C Power Bank by Charmast

This power bank by Charmast is designed with two inputs (type C and Micro USB). You can easily recharge your device by a Micro USB or type C USB port. The power charger provides a stable and speedy charge to three devices simultaneously. With its massive 10400mAh power, the charger is compatible with almost all latest devices compatible with USB Type-C. Its 16mm ultra-slim body can easily fit into any handbag covering less space. A smart LED display clearly indicates the battery power level and total output current range. The power bank has a multi-protect safety system to ensure the safety of your devices.

Anker PowerCore+ 20100 USB-C/Type-C Premium External Battery/Portable Charger/Power Bank

Anker PowerCore+ 20100 USB-C/Type-C

Anker is America’s leading USB charging brand, and this one with the type-C port is no exception. The power bank can charge your devices multiple times in a charge with its ultra-high capacity of 20100mAh. It is compact and portable in size. LED display keeps you updated with the charging status. Its latest technology can identify the device type and transmit power accordingly. The multiple safety features ensure the safety of your expensive devices.