Best Vagrant Courses and Training (Free and Paid)

Vagrant is a tool for developing and managing virtual machine environments in a sole workflow. It offers an easy to utilize workflow and a target on automation. Vagrant cuts down the development environment configuration time, enhances production parity, and eliminates the works on my machine excuse. 

Vagrant offers an easy way of setting up duplicable, and portable work environments developed on high-level technology and regulated by a sole consistent workflow to maximize the flexibility and productivity of both you and your team. 

To offer effectiveness, Vagrant depends on major technologies in the industry. Machines are furnished on top of VMware, VirtualBox, and AWS. Industry-standard furnishing tools such as Chef, shell scripts, or Puppetcan install and set up the software on a virtual machine.

Vagrant for Developers

As a developer, Vagrant will separate dependencies and their setup within a single disposable, constant environment without compromising any of the tools you often work with such as debuggers, browsers, and editors. If you or someone in your team develops a sole Vagrant file, you’ll only need to vagrant everything up and everything will be installed and configured for you. 

Other members within your team can use the same configuration to build their development environments. Whether you’re working with Mac OS X, Linux, or Windows, all your team members will be running code in the same environment all set up in the same way, against similar dependencies. This way, you can eliminate works on my machine bugs completely. 

Vagrant for Operators

Are you an operations or DevOps engineer? Vagrant offers you a usable environment and constant workflow for building and testing infrastructure management scripts. You can test things such as shell scripts, Puppet modules, Chef cookbooks, and more with local virtualization such as VMware or VirtualBox. You can use the same configuration to test these scripts on remote clouds such as RackSpace or AWS using the same workflow. Discard your customs scripts to recycle EC2 instances, Avoid juggling SSh prompts to multiple machines and adopt Vagrant to ease your processes.

Vagrant for Designers

If you’re a designer, Vagrant will automatically configure everything that is needed for the web app, giving you enough time to focus on more important matters such as designing. When a developer sets up Vagrant, you will neither struggle with it nor will you struggle to find other developers to help you mend your environment for the purpose of testing designs. 

Vagrant for Everyone

Vagrant is one of the fastest and easiest ways of developing a virtualized environment. This makes it ideal meaning that anyone can use it with ease.

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Are you searching for the ideal course to help you get conversant with Vagrant? Here are some of the best courses you can choose from. 

Best Free Vagrant Courses and Training

If you are new to Vagrant then you should check one of the below courses that will help you understand more. They are free and can help you just have an idea about how Vagrant is functioning. If they are not enough then YouTube can be a great source also:

Best Paid Vagrant Courses and Training

Vagrant Quick Start: Virtualized Development Environments

This is an elementary course on Vagrant that’s specially designed to demonstrate how to configure local development environments with Vagrant. This course meant for programmers, developers, and software engineers. 

You may want to take this course if you are in the DevOps, development support, and IT operations departments. To enroll in this course you will be passionate about virtualizing development systems, possess admin rights to install software, and have intermediate computer skills. 


  • Figure out the development box setup problem
  • Write furnishing scripts to automatically configure Vagrant managed environments
  • Create repeatable, reliable, automatic, versioned, and easy to utilize development environments. 

Vagrant Up! Comprehensive development system automation

This is an all-inclusive course that’s specially designed to demonstrate how to configure local development environments with Vagrant. It’s designed for IT managers, freelancers, programmers, developers, and software engineers. To enroll in this course, you’ll need to be passionate about learning virtualizing development systems. Possess intermediate computer skills, and possess admin rights to allow you to install the software. 


  • Write furnishing scripts to automatically configure Vagrant managed environments 
  • Develop automatic, repeatable, reliable, versioned, and easy to utilize development environments
  • Find solutions for the development box setup problem
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Vagrant – The fastest head start for developers

This is a short albeit concentrated course that will help get conversant with the fundamentals of Vagrant, how it operates, and its architecture. Learners will be taken through a practical demonstration where they will be taught how to install Vagrant step by step. Later, learners will go through using Vagrant to build and run environments through the Vagrantfile. 

This course is specially designed for developers who are interested in learning how to automate distribution and building their development and testing environments. If you’re interested in utilizing provisioning tools such as Puppet, Chef, or Shell Scripts with Vagrant to furnish environments within a short time you may want to enroll for this course. 

This course is also ideal for quality assurance engineers who are interested in eliminating non-compatible distributions and facilitate the software lifecycle via a standard environment. To facilitate the learning of this course you will need a PC or laptop complete with Mac OS X, Windows, or any Linux Flavor. 


  • Configure your own Vagrant environments with the appropriate networking topology and folder sharing with ease
  • Eliminate the humiliation that comes with you code operating on your local environment and failing on the client’s environment on demonstration day
  • Create your own environments on Vagrant boxes and either distribute it to other team members or run it locally. 
  • Create, operate, and oversee your DevStacks on Vagrant. 

Fundamentals of Vagrant

Learners taking this course will learn how to configure and install Vagrant and explore its numerous services and features. They will cover the primary uses cases for Vagrant and illustrate how it can facilitate the usage and distribution of virtual machines. To enroll in this course learners don’t need any previous experience. 

However, having basic knowledge and experience in Linux and VirtualBox will be an added advantage. Learners taking this course will delve into how to operate with boxes where they will be taught how to develop individual boxes and deliberate on how to utilize Vagrant Cloud. 

Learn to create and configure a virtual machine and run post-deployment configuration shell scripts and applications with Vagrant. Finally, you’ll learn some tips that can help you work more efficiently with Vagrant. This course is specially designed for developers, software engineers, DevOps, and programmers. 

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You can join this course if you’re interested in learning how to configure and install Vagrant, learn how to operate and create boxes, figure out the basics of using Vagrant, create and set up a virtual machine and run post-deployment configuration using Vagrant, create and set up a VirtualBox virtual machines


  • Learn about Vagrant services and features, and run post-deployment configuration applications and shell scripts. 

Vagrant & VirtualBox: Create PHP Development Environments

In this course, students will learn how to leverage Virtualbox and Vagrant to develop a custom development environment that’s suitable for their needs. To enroll for this course you should possess a recent Mac or Windows computer with sufficient memory and CPU. further, learners should have admin rights to ensure they can install or setup software. Students should also have a basic understanding of git and excellent computer skills. This course is specially designed for web developers interested in having an advanced part development environment and people who are passionate about virtualized environments. 


  • Develop custom Vagrant boxes depending on a project’s requirements

Learning Vagrant

Vagrant is a command-line program that comes in handy when combined with a configuration file to define, setup, and run virtual machines. Vagrant is compatible with a big percentage of the main hypervisors such as VirtualBox, VMware, and Hyper-V. In this course, students will go through this robust and easy to utilize tool by developing their knowledge of Vagrant components and the ecosystem that Vagrant makers offer to support the program. The instructor will take students through the basic use cases of Vagrant such as how to operate with boxes and how to create boxes of your own. Learners will also learn about online box repository and Vagrant Cloud. They will also receive tricks and tips to help you work efficiently with Vagrant. 


  • Get started with Vagrant
  • Understand how to work with Vagrant boxes
  • Learn how to configure boxes using Vagrant files
  • Learn Vagrant features and services
  • Understand Vagrant use cases


If you’re searching for the ideal course to help you learn Vagrant, choose one from the courses mentioned here and leverage them to enhance your skills and scale your career.