Best Virtual Business Phone Number In The UK

If there is any way to reduce overseas calling overheads while enjoying impeccable and unified communication for your UK-based business then it’s only buying the virtual business phone number.   

Being powered with the internet, this one business tool has become a necessity for local and overseas businesses. But, the key to relish over the benefits of a virtual phone number is making the right choice. 

If one is having a tough time choosing your mobile number in the UK, this article is going to be proved as a great help as it talks about the best virtual business phone number in the UK and throws light on some of its impeccable features. 

cNumber- The Best-of-breed Virtual Business Phone number in the UK 

Packed with ample features and the ability to give a UK-based business the right exposure, cNumber is indeed the best choice to make when one needs a reliable virtual business phone number in the UK.  

Thousands of UK-based businesses have already cemented their feet in the overcrowded UK market and endow the clients with highly advanced communication ability by using the UK virtual business number from cNumber. 

With the help of cNumber, a business can: 

  • Get a wide range of UK area codes numbers – cNumber offers virtual business phone numbers associated with 0117, 0121, 0151, 0161, 01223, and 01234 area codes. All these area codes are of the major business hubs of the UK.
  • Have a local presence without having a physical office in the targeted vicinity – Setting up a physical office in the UK demands high upfront investment. Not every business has huge financing. 

cNumber’s virtual business phone number allows a business to operate from any part of the world with full precision and diligence. 

  • Reduce a lot of money at the communication front – As cNumber’s UK virtual business phone number uses internet connection for voice call transmission, a business can make affordable local and international business calls. 
  • Improved customer satisfaction – When a business is equipped with every resource to do effective call management, customers will experience better response time. This ultimately leads to a higher satisfaction ratio. 
  • Enjoy maintenance-free calling facility – The cloud infrastructure of cNumber’s UK business phone number allows a business to remain tension-free at system maintenance front. No hardware/software is waiting for your attention. cNumber manages everything. 

Impeccable features of cNumber 

Running a UK-based business is not like a walk in the park. But it can be with the help of cNumber’s UK virtual phone number because it offers a whole set of features that streamline major operational fronts. 

Some of its impeccable features are: 

  • Call Forwarding – Forward incoming calls of a landline phone number on mobile phone and answer them from anywhere. This feature enables a business to pick every call and never let any business opportunity slip away. 
  • Mobile App Using the cNumber mobile app, a business can access the business call from Android-based phone & iPhone, PC, and laptop. 
  • IVR or Interactive Voice Response – This feature enables a business to set-up a self-service portal for the customers and eliminates the need of having a physical receptionist for tasks like transferring the call to the concerned department. 
  • Welcome Message – cNumber allows you to integrate professionalism in your customer service with its “Welcome Message” feature. This feature allows a business to record a personalized message and greet every caller with it. 
  • Call Recording – This feature is here to help you auto-record every incoming call for future reference and data-keeping purposes. 
  • Call Forwarding – Forward any incoming business call to any of the devices/systems to ensure no call goes unanswered. 
  • Call Queue – If a line is busy, the call queue feature puts an incoming call in the queue rather than miss it completely. 


Starting from setting up a business in the UK from streamlined operations, UK virtual phone number from cNumber is going to reduce all the hassles and make the process more friendly and streamlined.  

This is equipped with a resource that business ever needs to offer a highly professional business communication facility to the customers. In no time, using cNumber’s UK virtual business can improve your brand reputation and market presence.