Best VR Headset for iPhone X, XS, XS Max in 2019

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Nothing rivals playing video games and watching movies in your very own Virtual Reality world. This was made possible by the invention of VR headsets, and with every year new improvement have been made to improve on this experience. With VR Headsets, you can have the best seat in your very own private theatre wherever you are.

Below is a list of the best VR Headset for the iPhone XS Max carefully selected to cater for your needs.



With just your imagination, you can make it possible with the DESTEK VR Headset. It is designed to balance immersion and clarity of view while providing you the most excellent VR experience to watch a 360-degree video. Furthermore, its eye-protected lenses with unparalleled clarity provide a visual experience comparable to IMAX.

In addition to its amazing features, this model is also comfortable while using. The face padding is made of soft leather that makes your skin feel comfortable and allows you to view longer without irritation. It is also made with an adjustable head strap that prevents the strap from touching your ears while relieving pressure on your head and nose.


Bnext VR Headset

Now you can turn your smartphone or mobile device into a powerful gaming machine with the Bnext VR Headset. By inserting a compatible smartphone securely into the front face piece, you can play games in a total 360-degree world where the only limit is your imagination. This provides a captivating and thrilling experience with every view.

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With this model, you can expand the viewing angle and perfectly match the focal distance for reduced distortion. This ensures an advanced gaming and visual experience. Moreover, it is equipped with an adjustable head strap, eyesight protection system, and a soft nose piece to reduce pressure.


VeeR VR headset

The VeeR VR headset will make you go into 3D virtual reality world where you would enjoy watching the latest movies or playing VR games anywhere, anytime.  It provides a visual angle of between 100 and 110 degree, which contributes to immersive visual experience with high definition photos. It almost feels like you watching on a huge screen.

Additionally, it has a built-in HiFi active noise canceling around-ear headphones that gives you crisp, and powerful sound that helps you enjoy your VR movies, games and music better. It is also made to be very comfortable while using it.


NeuTab VR headset

Turn your smartphone into a completely portable and wireless virtual reality machine with the NeuTab VR headset. With its lightweight structure, this model allows users to have a more comfortable wearing experience while enjoying unlimited fun from the 3D world. Furthermore, it has an adjustable headband, an adjustable eye-pad, and an adjustable pupil/focal distance that allows you to have your own customized VR Headset.

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The NeuTab headset also comes with a Bluetooth controller. You may enjoy music, videos, and games without holding your phone.


Osloon VR headset

With the Osloon VR headset, you can be guaranteed of a perfect visual and audio experience. These VR glasses have built-in stereo headphones, with a rich 360-degree spatial sound, for clarity whenever you are watching videos, music or gaming. Moreover, its ultra-light design and high-quality memory sponge reduce the pressure on the ears of the headset effectively, making it extremely comfortable.

This will be a perfect addition to your phone accessories. It boosts HD optimization and 3D gaming support, you’ll put yourself right into the action with games, movies and more.



The VR EMPIRE Headset is among the first VR glasses with an auto-positioning smartphone to the middle line function, where once it is positioned, you will not need to do it again. Also, it can prevent the smartphone from moving because of the wrong operation. This ensures quality visual experience without interruption from the phone shaking.

Apart from its amazing features, it also protects the user. It is equipped with anti-blue light lenses that protect your eyes from harmful blue light emitted from all mobile screens.



The GEARSONE VR Headset is a great way to finish this list of the best VR headset for the iPhone XS Max. With 360-degree immersive viewing experience and a 103-degree field of view, you can be at the center of a thrilling and exciting virtual reality. This will guarantee visual clarity while playing games or catching up on the latest movies.

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Additionally, it is equipped with three adjustable straps that alter pressure from the bridge of the nose, providing comfort when using the headset.


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