Best Wall Mounts for your Echo Dot

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If you are planning to turn your house into an Alexa enabled smart home then Amazon Echo Dot is an amazing device. Echo dot is built to sit on a counter or table perfectly well and blends in the décor of your room. But if you have kids or pets, then it can be disturbed by any of them. Placing it high on the wall keeps it well secured and out of the way. That way Alexa is always there to answer your questions. If you are looking for a wall mount for your Echo dot generation 2 then we have gathered information on some of the best ones available. Take a look at these wall mounts and choose one for your Echo Dot.

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Vodool Hanger Holder

If your tables or counters are all covered, you can always place your Echo Dot on a wall mount. Vondool’s wall mount is specifically designed for your Echo Dot generation 2. Wall mount saves you from managing long messy cables; now your Echo Dot gives a tidy look with its short cord. Vondool’s wall mount comes in both black and white colors, to match your echo dot or home décor. As your Echo Dot is placed vertically on the wall, its speaker and microphone are exposed and can receive or transmit sound without any interruption. Its anti-slip rubber blue rubber gasket fits firmly with power adapter and thus keeps your Eco stable on the wall.

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KFK Outlet Wall Mount

KFK’s wall mount for your Echo Dot is a space saving solution for your smart home. It keeps your Echo Dot well secured on the wall, no more messy cables on coffee tables and your room keeps a tidy look. The wall mount is easily installed, and you don’t need to drill holes or screws for it. Perfect for living room, kitchen, study or bedrooms. It keeps the speakers of your Echo Dot on the wall vertically and allows it to project louder when she is singing out facing you instead of yelling up from flat on her back. Its unique anti-slip blue gasket design makes the hook portion fit more snugly to the wall plug.

Matone Outlet Wall Mount

Matone’s wall mount for Echo Dot makes your smart home speaker easier and simpler to use. With its vertical position on the wall, its speakers catch sound easily and notice the commands effectively. No furniture or other items blocking the sound. It keeps the room tidy with no hanging cords anywhere. Designed specifically for Echo Dot, the buttons of speakers remain accessible. A half-moon shaped spacer on the backside of the mount support the speakers against walls. Mantone’s wall mount provides a perfect home for Echo Dot.

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Outlet Wall Mount Hanger Holder

Lycase’s wall mount is designed to work both in horizontal and vertical positions. The wall mount is easy to install. Simply plug your speaker’s power supply into the outlet, put the device into the bracket and use the short cord that comes with the mount to plug the dot into the power supply. Now you have your speaker off the counter and ready to use. It is specifically designed so that the speaker and microphone are not muffled. The wall comes in black and white colors.

Bovon Outlet Wall Mount Hanger Holder

Bovon’s user-friendly design of wall mount keeps your Eco Dot speaker secure in a vertical position on the wall. Wall mount lets the speaker and microphone secure ensuring great sound quality. Its elegant design makes it blend in any interior. Wall mount needs a small space to operate your speaker. It keeps your rooms tidy with no long chords to charge the speaker. Its nifty blue rubber gasket helps to grip the power adapter better.


XBRN’s wall mount comes with a short charging cable, and you can enjoy the neat and tidy environment. The wall mount has everything that you would require and comes at a very affordable price. It keeps your speakers and microphone uncovered, ensuring the best quality sound and effective work. It is stylish enough to enhance the beauty of your interior and is too practical to be used in the kitchen, bedroom, living room, or bathrooms. The classic black color matches well with your interior. The wall mount is foldable to save space when not in use. XBRN’S wall mount is easy to install and is a perfect companion for your Echo Dot speaker.

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AXELECT Wall Mount for Echo Dot

AXELECT’s wall mount is designed for Echo Dot 2nd generation speaker. It keeps your Echo Dot well secured on the wall. With its short cable, wall mount gives a neat look, keeping your speaker away from spills or food splatter. The wall mount is painted with rubber oil, which gives a good protection to your speaker. It works with both horizontal and vertical outlets and can be placed anywhere you need. It is easy to install and requires no screws or drilling. AXELECT provides 12-month warranty for wall mount.

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