Best Web Scraping Courses and Programming  Languages

Web Scraping is a process where the pages of a website are parsed and data is collected. Web Scraping has become important while the online is continuously developing and who has access to information has the power.

Web Scraping is not an easy thing and can be done with various modules and Programming Languages. If you are familiarized with a programing language already then you can start working on your crawler in that program to not need to learn something new, as it can take time until you get familiarized with the new things.

I have tried playing with Web Scraping so I am quite familiarized with what is needed to have the things done. In this article, I would present you what are the best Programming  Languages and courses for Web Scraping. An interesting view about what programming languages are best for web scraping can be also seen in the following article: The 5 Best Programming Languages for Web Scraping

Best Web Scraping Courses and Programming  Languages

1. Python

From my point of view, the best in the business when it comes to building web crawlers and performing scraping is Python. Is an easy programming language that has skyrocketed lately. Python has some modules that were developed specially for web scraping like Scrapy and Beautiful Soup .

If you check online the GitHub Library you will see that a lot of projects already exists that are built with Scrapy, and for sure it will help you in having a good starting point. When it comes to tutorials and courses to help you learn scrapy the situation is the same, there are a lot. If you are already familiarized with Python then this is the programing language for you.

Best Web Scraping Courses For Python

As Scrappy is popular there are a few courses that were created and is presenting in detail what you need to do to have the program build. The prices are not high and there is nothing that can stop you from building your web scraper. Below is the complete list with the best web scraping courses/tutorials for Python:

Scrapy: Powerful Web Scraping & Crawling with Python

This is a 9 hours course that will present everything you need about scrapy and how it can be used for web crawling. In the course, you will use either Python 2.7 or 3.3. The course has a lot of enrolled students and 4.4 star rating.

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Some key aspects in the course are:

  • Using Scrapy with Selenium in Special Cases, e.g. to Scrape JavaScript Driven Web Pages
  • Deploying Spider to ScrapingHub
  • Storing data extracted by Scrapy into MySQL and MongoDB databases
  • Several real-life web scraping projects, including Craigslist, LinkedIn and many others

Rating: 4.4
Price: $12
Enrolled students: 6,136
Content Hours: 09:01:00

Web Scraping with Python: BeautifulSoup, Requests & Selenium

Another interesting course that will introduce you in the world of web scraping with BeautifulSoup. The course has almost 8 hours of material and good 4.3 reviews with 3,532 enrolled students.


  • Review of data structures (Lists, Dictionaries, Tuples, File Handling)
  • How websites are hosted on servers
  • Calls to the server (GET, POST methods)
  • Review of HTML and CSS
  • Requests Module and BeautifulSoup Module overview
  • Parsing HTML using BeautifulSoup
  • Filtering elements using BeautifulSoup and navigating the Parse Tree
  • JavaScript and AJAX overview
  • Selenium and the need for it
  • Selecting elements using Selenium
  • CSS selectors
  • XPath selectors
  • Navigating pages using Selenium
  • Practical Projects

Rating: 4.3
Price: $12
Enrolled students: 3,532
Content Hours: 07:55:54

Modern Web Scraping with Python using Scrapy and Splash

The highest rated course that exists for scrapy and python. The course is offering access to a lot of interesting integrations and resources. It is having a 4.6 rating and is up to date, You will be using Python 3.6, Scrapy 1.5 and Splash 2.0


  1. How to build a complete spider
  2. How to locate content/nodes from the DOM using XPath
  3. How to store the data in JSONCSV… and even to an external database(MongoDb)
  4. How to write your own custom Pipeline
  5. Fundamentals of Splash
  6. How to scrape Javascript websites using Scrapy Splash
  7. The Crawling behavior
  8. How to build a CrawlSpider
  9. How to avoid getting banned while scraping websites
  10. How to build a custom Middleware
  11. How to scrape APIs
  12. How to scrape infinite scroll websites
  13. Host spiders in Heroku for free
  14. Run spiders periodically with a custom script
  15. Prevent storing duplicated data
  16. Deploy Splash to Heroku
  17. Write data to Excel files
  18. Login to websites using FormRequest
  19. Use Proxies with Scrapy Spider
  20. Use Crawlera with Scrapy & Splash
  21. Use Proxies with CrawlSpider
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Rating: 4.6
Price: $12
Enrolled students: 1,088
Content Hours: 05:41:54

2. Node.js

A powerful programming language that runs on top of Java Script. The web scrapers build on node.js are the ones that needs to pars a lot of data or some basic crawlers. Unlike Python learning node.js can take longer and you need to think hard if this is the one for you. The web scraping community for node.js exists but is not that extensive as the one from scrapy

Best Web Scraping Courses For Node.JS

Learn Web Scraping with NodeJs in 2019 – The Crash Course

The course requires you to have JavaScript Knowledge with ES6 Syntax. The course will teach you how to build Scrapers with Puppeteer by Google or build Scrapers with the native Request & Cheerio or NightmareJs. The course has a 4.6 stars reviews and 6:30 hours of materials. 

Rating: 4.6
Price: $12
Enrolled students: 342
Content Hours: 06:30

Web Scraping in Nodejs

In this course, you will learn how to scrape a websites, with practical examples on real websites using Nodejs Request, Cheerio, NightmareJs and Puppeteer. You will be using the newest JavaScript ES7 syntax with async/await. You will learn how to scrape websites that require JavaScript such as iMDB and AirBnB using NighmareJsand Puppeteer. The course has  4.5 rating and more than 3000 enrolled students.

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Rating: 4.5
Price: $12
Enrolled students: 3420
Content Hours: 04:18

3. Java

Java is a known programming language that is owned now by Oracle. I don’t think will have a long life because of the changes in the license that is done lately. Using Java as a web scraper can be done so in case you are a Java guru you can use it. Below is a course on web scraping with Java to get you going.

Professional Web Scraping with Java

The course has everything you need to know to build your java crawler. The course has 4.5 rating and almost 1000 enrolled students. In this course you will learn:

  • Have a solid understanding of web scraping with Java
  • Being able to scrape practically any web page (static AND dynamic / AJAX) though you learn the concepts behind web scraping
  • Download, parse and extract data from websites with Jsoup
  • Call web APIs in Java with Unirest
  • Export your data as CSV or JSON
  • Build web scrapers that stay undetected and do not get blocked or banned

Rating: 4.5
Price: $12
Enrolled students: 900+
Content Hours: 01:23:23

4. Other programming languages

Basicaly any programing language can be used in a way or another to build your web crawler. Online you can find examples to scrap the internet also in: