Best Wireless Audio Transmitter and Receiver for 2013

Buying an audio video transmitter can be a tough task due to the various designs you can find on the market. You can pick advice from some tech gurus that you know and trust or just check out the internet about the latest gadgets. New models definitely come with additional features to make your experience memorable.
Buying the best wireless audio transmitter and receiver comes with worthwhile advantages that you are not able to enjoy with cabled appliances. You can place the transmitter in any place in any room and watch TV or listen to music from another room without running cables allover. You may also want your TV perched on the wall in the living room. Instead of having power and connection cables running against the wall in an awkward manner, you could just fix the TV cable and the wall remains neat. The third advantage is the possibility to connect more than two sets to pick up signals from the transmitter efficiently. So, people can watch programs from different rooms using the same receiver. Most of them work with PCs too.

wireless transmitter
There are several notable devices that have hit the market this year and I will present them in the following post. Music lovers will find these audio devices worth trying out due to their unique features. Keep in mind that technology is dynamic and the near future can always bring impressive improvements!

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Creative Labs Sound Blaster Wireless Audio Transmitter and Receiver Bundle

With this device, you are in a position to stream all your favorite iTunes and listen to internet radio using your PC. The package includes a receiver and a transmitter. With this audio gadget, you can maximize your experience by connecting several other receivers and speakers. Creative Sound Blaster allows you to compress media thus storing more files. It is compatible with most PCs and the USB interface feature makes it easy to connect with notebooks. Simplicity is the idea here, so there are no hassles with trying to configure the internet settings. Your work is just to unpack and plug.



Image 4 Channel Wireless AV Transmitter Receiver with IR Remote Extension Wire (Black)

This gadget comes as a single package, the receiver and transmitter are in the same box. It is compatible with popular media functions such as the DVD, set top boxes, CCD Camera and AV output gadgets. Channels are in four groups and the user simply chooses the ones that are favorable and clear. Image color and sound are awesome and no complicated connection issues. You will just plug and you are ready to receive. Transmission distances are long and interference from other waves is minimal. It delivers great results at a good price.

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Image® 4 Channel Wireless Audio Video AV Transmitter Receiver


Nyrius NY-GS3200 5.8GHz 6 Channel Wireless Audio-Video Sender Transmitter with a Receiver System with IR Remote Extender

Selling at $79.99 dollars, this device is great in streaming videos to any TV device and playing different formats of music. The transmission is not deterred by wall, which means you can listen to music or watch movies from anywhere in your house. It comes with a remote that makes operating it easier from as far as 100ft. You can make a choice from six channels on offer. It also has antennas that help in minimizing any interference. It comes in a single pack with an inbuilt transmitter and receiver, and can broadcast DVD to a set that is outside the room.

Nyrius NY GS3200 5.8GHz 6 Channel Wireless Audio Video Sender


Nyrius ARIES NAVS500 HD 1080p HDMI Digital Wireless Audio Video Sender Transmitter with a Receiver System with IR Remote Extender

This high definition transmitter comes at a whopping $399.99, but it has all the qualities that you can want in a wireless gadget. You can get a 200% discount on it if you bought it now on Amazon. Its video resolution is as high as 1080p and 1080i. It transmits clear images through barriers up to a distance of 100ft away. Interestingly, you can control the device with a remote from any room and it needs no software installation. It has a powerful USB connection that allows you to control your mouse and keyboard if you are using a PC. It also comes with a one year warranty.

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Nyrius ARIES NAVS500


Buying a wireless transmitter and receiver can eliminate a series of inconveniences especially when you have a big house with several rooms. It would also give you the liberty of watching stuff you like or listen to radio stations without having to buy complementary gadgets. These are some of the best advancements ever made in the audio visual industry so far.