Blink XT Outdoor/Indoor Security Camera System Full Review

Blink Security Cameras are interesting options for some ones that need to have his backyard and house monitored. I am keeping an eye on the BlinkSecurity Cameras since the first time I have heard about them when the Blink XT was not launched yet.  Blink offers an interesting option to monitor your house as it doesn’t need any wires for the cameras to functions.  It comes with batteries that can last up to 2 years. The only wire is for the unit that camera is connecting. The cameras are not connecting directly to the wi-fi but to a Blink box that can have up to 10 cameras.


Below are some of the most interesting features that these cameras have:

  • No Wires ( this is the most appealing thing for me as I don’t need all sort of wires to have this running and have my house monitored)
  • 720p HD – it would have been better a 1080p resolution but 720p HD is quite good
  • Motion Detection with Instant alerts – when the motion is sensed the camera will start recording and send a notification to your phone.
  • Microphone – the cameras are equipped with a microphone so the sound is also recorded. At live view, you can also hear what is happening.
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For the complete list check

Videos with Blink Review:




From my perspective, they are not that cheap but not very expensive. They are offering price points that are somewhere in the middle:

Blink XT with sync module at $129.99

Blink XT Camera only at 119$

Blink Home with sync for 99$


Other Important Aspects

  • The recordings are not stored locally and are done directly in the cloud. You can record up to 2 hours
  • Another major aspect is that the sync system is not using a lot of power with a big charging battery and a wireless GSM battery router you can be sure that they are still going after the energy is cut or in case you want to use them in a more remote place.

This is the Blink XT Outdoor/Indoor Security Camera System Full Review please check the videos from this post for a detailed presentation on them.