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For a year I am using BudgetVM hosting on this site and on several ones and I can say that I am happy with the services and the price that BugetVM has to offer. In this year the up-time of my site was more then 99.99% and the speed of the VPS quite good.

During this 1 year period I have tried also another VPS from servint.net with the hope that it will be better then BudgetVM and the speed of the site would increase. After the purchase I was very amazed to see that BudgetVM offers better VPS at lower prices.


Price and Performance

Currently I have 2 VPS from BudgetVM where I have hosted multiple sites including this one.  For 4.99$ I have an VPS located in Chicago  with 1024 MB of memory, 4 CPU’s, 80 GB of space and 3 dedicated IP addresses.

Below are the prices from BudgetVM:


 The prices and the features offered by BugetVM are very good and are more good then having a shared hosting from hostgator or other company.

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Below is the speed that my site has in pingdom to better see:

husher speed test

Below you will see the picture from the webmaster tools with how much Google is taking to download a page on techdoze.net and you will see that the average is around 850 milliseconds a very good speed:

husher time spent downloading a page

The performance of the VPS is very good and the price very low.


It wasn’t any need to work to much with support until now but 3 times in one year when I have escalated some problems to them I have receive a fast answer and a fix, so I am quite happy with the support so far.


Even if the price for a VPS is low and it may cause some concerns the services and the performance offered by BugetVM is very good and worth’s every penny 🙂

Check BudgetVM  

If you have questions or concerns about BudgetVM drop an comment below and I will answer.

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