Can Apps Help in Maximizing the Performance of your Smartphone? Here’s What You Need to Know

Smartphones- Your personal office

Nowadays the world is surrounded by smartphones. From adults to little kids, it’s a pretty rare sight to see if anyone does not have one in their hands. Since your entire world, whether you’re a successful business tycoon, an entrepreneur or a young gaming geek, everything you do can fit into that little 9-inch screen and can be taken care of in seconds. But with increasing dependence on smartphones and their added features, it is often feared that their productivity and performance will be affected. The added workloads other than building emails and using social sites such as personal applications, heavy gaming softwares may interfere with the phones working making it slow and prone to shutting down suddenly. For instance, an entrepreneur in the food business needs to punch in orders or customize certain orders according to consumer’s preferences, so they need a good high-tech application that can help them in doing so along with sorting out wages, costs, etc. When multiple tasks are being performed electronically, chances are that this overloads the internal programming. However, there are a few ways in which this potential hassle can be avoided. Hence this article will be discussing some of the ways in which mobile applications can actually help to maximize your smart phones’ potential to its fullest capacity without breaking down.

Mobile Applications aren’t just built to clog

While it is a common belief that the more applications you install in your device, the more it will clutter and slow down. Though this is true, it only requires a little bit of skill and patience to organize and clean your device regularly just like you would for a desktop computer. While some applications such as live wallpapers, heavily pixilated games may be built to slow down a phones’ performance, other life saving mobile apps still exist which work otherwise.

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The first and foremost thing to do for which you do not require a specific application is to make sure you update your phone religiously and keep it clear from all the extra clutter according to an article published by Molly McLaughlin. For this, all you need to do is find your devices built-in file manager and see an illustration of your devices’ available space and usage giving you a summary of what you need and what is extra. If you upload the needed files on cloud storage, your device will automatically clean itself and its cached storage making space for your phone to have a smoother working system.

Other than inbuilt applications, new and improved applications have also been formulated by many of the fine tech minds of the industry. One such application is the ROM manager that is developed by Koushik Datta that gives an added wow factor to an unlocked Android device. Some highlighting features of this application include its ability to:

  1. Offer a smart user interface that allows you to download efficient operating systems
  2. Comes with an in-built soft keyboard that’s more accurate and less bulky than the original one
  3. Include performance enhancement options to extract your phones’ full capacity

Another quite popular application amongst the tech world geeks according to Anurag Ghosh is setCPU. The name pretty much gives away most of the details, but this can help in tweaking your phones current processor to your own preference such as how much Gigabytes or megabytes of files or documents it can handle to boost your CPU performance. One of the top features of this application is its ability to purposely undermine phones’ processor settings. This can help increase battery life & also improve the working of other applications installed on your phone. On top of this, the gigantic and most admirable perk of this application is that it can be installed free of charge, does not have a catch and work perfectly well gelling with any devices internal system.

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Yet another issue that many users encounter while working on their smartphone device is that in the case of transferring files from or to their SD card, the speed is quite slow making it a long waiting process than something you would like to end within minutes. For such a purpose SD speed increase is an application for the android server that as the name suggests allows users to improve the speed of their SD card by changing the default size of their SD card caches to their preference. You can always go back to the original size of the cached storage by simply restarting your phone.

An important application that every phone user must absolutely have is a cleaning application apart from its inbuilt file manager according to an article published by Ashutosh KS. Its regular use helps to optimize the efficiency and productivity of the phone to make sure it functions well without any glitches. One quite popular mobile application that works in this regard is the clean master. This app works as an all-rounder by not just managing and updating files but also helps detect malicious software or viruses in your phone. It has a memory booster, a file shredder and also a junk file cleaner. All these features are easy to use and protect your phone from unnecessary hangs or crashes.

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Just as the environment needs a greener environment, your phone could use a digitally green one by installing an application called Greenify. This app is more of a lightweight optimizer that automatically hibernates heavy applications running in the background thus preventing high battery and memory consumption. Also, it also blocks the network’s access to running background processes. While the installation is free, some additional and more improved features such as deep sleep and the ability to access the network automatically at regular intervals can only be purchased. But hey, if your phone is working great, a little money to manage it doesn’t seem like a lot.

These are some top of the list applications that help run a smoother system and have the ability to block airg spam messages which usually take up a lot of the users’ time into sorting out and our downright agitating to be received again and again. Thus, maximizing your phone’s performance. A little research can help you decide which one is the best suited for you so you can enjoy an uninterrupted server time.

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