Cell Phones: How Have They Changed Us Socially?

We live in this advanced Digital age, where people feel left out if they don’t stay in touch with their phones and gadgets. The technology has addicted us. If you talk about the millennials, they suffer from FOMO, and that’s fear of missing out, and that’s exactly why they cannot lose touch with the social media forums, their texts, group texts, and various other Apps and forums that they have conveniently installed on their smartphones. There is no doubt that Internet and technology have revolutionized our lives in ways unlimited. And residents of this contemporary age have ensured steady subscriptions to the Internet because they just can’t get enough of the entertainment-packed Apps and sites that they have on their smartphones. Check out Spectrum Customer Service plans for some of the best options in the market.
But then again, like there are always drawbacks to everything. Despite the massive benefits that Internet and cell phones technology facilitate us with, shrinking the world into a global village, currently we are facing intense addictions to technology, and particularly cell phones and social media. There are a number of Internet-based forums, that are jammed with addictive entertainment that people just can’t get enough of. Cellphones and Internet have changed us greatly and the most major changes are the social ones. Let’s dig a little deeper into the details.

Hindering Live Interaction


Have you ever noticed that whenever a group of people sitting together, friends or family, whenever they sit together, what do they do? There’s hardly a stretch of five minutes or so that they manage to converse, and then one of them takes out his fancy smartphone from her blazer’s pocket, tempting others to do the same, and if you look at them after 15 minutes, every one of them would be staring at their phone screens endlessly. They may exchange a word or two, without their taking their eyes off their phone screens. And you can witness this everywhere around you. People in buses and trains, instead of exchanging a word or two, would keep their eyes glued to their gadget screens. Teens and Millennials in school breaks, hangouts, and anywhere else would do the same. This is actually kind of frustrating.

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Technology has become a major hindrance in the live communication. There is no dedicated ‘family time’ in our lives anymore. Because everyone refuses to keep their cell phones aside and look into human eyes and exchange a few thoughts. Apart from how cell phones have captivated us and how they don’t let us pay attention anywhere else, around and about, addictions with technology and cellphones are causing a number of health-related issues. Studies show that individuals who are technology-addicts suffer from stress, sleep disorders, and other related problems.

Families should take essential measures and make certain rules to cut down the use of technology both by themselves and their children. For instance, you can dedicate an hour or two as family time, when neither kids nor adults are allowed to use cell phones. That will not only enhance your bonds and make you socially connected, but also improve your health and fitness.

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Hindering Touch with Nature


Some people believe that buying their kids fancy phones and gadgets are perhaps the most amazing gifts that they can get their kids. Some would flaunt about how their little tots just pick up their phones and they exactly know how to play a rhyme of their choice on YouTube or how to share images on WhatsApp. Let us enlighten you, excessive use of technology and cell phones is unhealthy for yourself and your kids.
Encourage your children to increase the time they spend outdoors. Introduce them to all those amazing games that you used to play when you were younger. Let them have the joy of experiencing the joy of playing those self-invented and self-imagined games. Let them run and jump into the puddles with their mates from the neighborhood. Let them go cycling endlessly in the neighborhood streets. Let them have the joy of building sand castles and make flower garlands. And we assure you that a mere cellphone can never replace all these beautiful moments that we still cherish. Keep younger children entirely away from technology and cell phones. Let them explore nature and encourage them to.
Same goes for adults, addiction with technology and cellphones is bringing you no good. Try turning off your notifications, and indulging in positive activities like taking a walk, going for a jog, spending time with your pet pup, and the like, instead of letting your eyes being crazily glued to your cell phone screens.

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Anti-Social Behaviors

Again, addiction to cell phones, technology, and the Internet is causing anti-social behaviors in both adults and children. Ever noticed your children when you have got guests or visitors? They will quietly slide off the sofa and tip-toe to their rooms where they don’t have to bear the trouble of conversing during one of their browsing or streaming experience. Or if they are in their teens, the problem is even worse. This is called an anti-social behavior and most of our kids are becoming anti-social. Everything begins at home, right? So, you have to take essential measures and implement appropriate rules to make your kids socially active.
Fix a time when they can use their cellphones and don’t let them have the liberty of using their cellphone at all times. But first, set an example by limiting your own cell phone use. Only then you will be able to train them.
After you have made them accustomed to the limited use of the cellphones, then you should let them enjoy in that time and provide them a steady Internet connection for smooth browsing and streaming. Check out Spectrum Cable Company for best Internet offers.