Chrome OS vs. Samsung DeX – Which Should You Use

I have recently bought and Samsung S8 Plus and I started to get interested off the Samsung DeX OS to see if it can help me be more productive with a lower cost and how is differing from Chrome OS the other Google OS. Both OSs are built by Google and both can have Android Apps installed, but how they are different and which one is best for you?

Chrome OS is a mature system and it comes with regular updates, this is one of the advantages of using it. Besides this, it is more consistent and offers a better user experience, the downside is that you need to buy the hardware as for Dex if you have a compatible phone with an adapter you can enjoy the Desktop experience. A good advantage related to the hardware for Chrome OS is the fact that most of the laptops are not that expensive, can be converted into tablets and can have Linux app installed.

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There are also other considerations where Chrome OS is better like for example the constant updates, the possibility to have chrome extensions used opposite to Dex and the list can go on. For more details, a video will follow with more details.

Samsung DeX this is newer then Chrome OS and it has some limitation currently. The fact that you can have Chrome extensions there is a big no no for many. Another big downside is the fact that is not quite stable, the interface looks nice but it can be unpracticable with some applications. There are also limitations to the number of opened windows on the screen. A big plus for DeX is the fact that if you have a compatible Samsung device you can have it up and running with around 20$. DeX can be used if you need to do some basic staffs like editing a document or sending an email. Another great thing is that with an HDMI adapter you can have a smart media box to watch different streaming services.

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Below is also a nice video with more explications about the Chrome OS vs. Samsung DeX differences:

Other good places to have more details about these are below places:


Samsung’s DeX vs. ChromeOS from chromeos

Which is better for you?

Both OS’s have strengths and weaknesses so it depends on the needs you have. If you need something cheap and you don’t need to do much work then DeX is the one for you.

If you need a full Desktop with robust functionalities then Chrome OS is the one.

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