Cloud Computing 101 – The Silver Lining

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 Cloud computing in non-technical language is a service offered to different companies and people for the storage of data in a virtual manner in the Internet. It involves offering of services in three ways:

  1. The IaaS – Infrastructure as a service

The IaaS provides services of a virtual server that can start, configure or provide access to the data stored in this server. This kind of service is offered to companies that seek to store and save their data and pay for the space that they need. In essence, you pay for what you need, in case you need more space, you pay for that space.

  1. The PaaS – Platform as a service

The PaaS, on the other hand, offers services to developers who have their applications online for sale where people can download these applications for their computers and phones. These software and applications are found in sites such as Google play store and

  1. The SaaS – Software as a service

The SaaS on the other hand is a cloud model where the vendor provides hardware infrastructure and interacts with the users of this mode through a model called front-end portal. It can be accessed from anywhere both for the access of data and applications. There are other variations of cloud services as highlighted below:

  • Data as a service

  • Storage as a service

  • Database as a service

  • Security as a service

  • Test environment as a service

  • Desktop visualization

  • API as a service

  • Backend as a service

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These services are sold to clients on an adhoc basis; that is when a client needs this service, he is provided with it immediately. The good thing is its flexibility and its availability in the size or sizes you might require with the management of your data done for you as long as you have data and Internet connection.

The best thing that ever happened to cloud computing is the advent of high speed Internet connections and good publicity because of the amount of money companies save to store their data in a cloud set up other than data storage warehouses, coupled with the safety that cloud computing offers.

The other good thing about cloud computing is the fact that depending on the user preferences, the services can be public or private. A public cloud, offers its service to anyone as long as they are on the Internet while a private cloud, as the name suggests, offers services to a specific clientele who require their data stored and kept in a secure and private manner.

Why use cloud-computing services?

  1. It reduces cost

Every company works on reducing its cost so that it can maximize its profit. In this age, the most expensive venture is investing in IT infrastructure. This comes in many forms but the most expensive venture is to store data and keep it safe. In most cases, this data is in the form of soft data that can be stored on computer hard disks, but the most important thing is to have it somewhere it cannot be compromised.

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This is where cloud computing comes in; it offers a cheap storage for data thus enabling your company to save money and at the same time store data that is vital for your company. The beauty of this service is that it offers a secure way of storing this data in that you can only access it if you have the password making it cheap and secure. You can also use cloud-computing services to update software in your entire network of computers for a cheaper cost than buying the software for each computer

  1. It increases speed

It increases speed in terms of storage and download of data, software and information. This enables businesses to continue conducting their work at the most optimal working condition. Being that information is the most important element in business these days, this speed puts your business on a pedestal and high above other businesses and makes it perform well once this information is collected and utilized in the right manner.

It also increases speed in that once the data is stored in the cloud, your computers run easily since all the data they have has been back up and there is no pressure to the hard disk space and the computer or phone processor.

  1. It is accessible

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Cloud computing does not come with location restrictions; this means that even in your various journeys you can be able to access your company data and continue monitoring the services of your company even when on holiday.

This means that if something urgent came up, you do not necessarily need to go to the office, you can access these data from your phone, laptop, tablet or home personal computer as long as you have access to the Internet.

  1. It provides improved security

When your company chooses to use cloud computing, one of the main benefits is the security offered to the data stored in the cloud. This data is stored in a public or private domain; depending on your choice, the integrity of your data remains the most important thing for your company.

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