Common Computer Breakdowns that Every PC User Can Repair

When your computer breaks down, you should know at least some essentials that you can do to fix the damage on your own. Since people often have fear of technological devices, especially when they break down – the machines, not people – it is important for every PC user to pick up some computer repair basics. So, how can you sort out some common computer-related issues without any help?

Snail-paced Internet speed

You are in the middle of an important project and access to the Internet is currently more important to you than anything else in the world. And all of a sudden – bam! – you have lost the Internet connection. After you have hit your desk a couple of times and shouted at your machine, calm down and try the following procedure.


  • First of all, check if the outage is up to your internet service provider (ISP). They might be repairing the servers or replacing the cables. Google offers some useful tools for checking if your location has been cut off, connection-wise.
  • If the provider turns out to be fine, inspect the modem and/or the router. Switch them off and unplug them. Keep them in that condition for about 30 seconds. Then turn them on and reboot your PC.
  • If you still do not have access to the web, check the Network adapters option in Control Panel’s Device Manager. This function should be enabled.
  • If the Network adapter is on and you still have no connection, try to update the drivers and replace all the cables that lead from the router to your PC.
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Cure your PC from viruses

If your PC has become terribly slow, despite the monstrous CPU and an abundance of RAM you have at your disposal, or it keeps crashing without any particular reason, it might have got infected with a virus. You don’t have to be a professional to perform the DIY procedure to remove a virus. What you should do before you start doing anything else is download a new antivirus and a malware program to your memory stick. Now you candisconnect the PC from the web and restart it. When you have restarted the machine, keep pushing the F8 button until you see the Advanced Boot Options on the screen. Choose the Safe Mode feature and hit the Enter button. When the computer is in Safe Mode, launch the antivirus and the malware from the flash drive to perform a thorough scan of the entire computer. Ordinary viruses should be removed this way. But if your PC is suffering from a more difficultissue, you will have to back up your filesfirst and then reinstall your operating system.

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Physical damage on PC equipment

The more time you spend at your computer, the higher is the probability that a part of the equipment will simply break down. When it comes to user-caused damage, spills on the keyboard and the system unit are among the most common mishaps. If such a thing happens to you, what you should do first and foremost is unplug the PC from the power supply, to prevent yourself from being electrocuted. Then you should try to remove all the removable pieces from the system unit to mop up the computer both on the inside and on the outside. Pay special attention to the keyboard and the keys, since water easily gets under them, which is terribly hard to clean. What you should do next is not switch on the machine for a few days, to let it get completely dry. You will know the outcome when you turn it on again.

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As you can see, multi-part computers are prone to damage, which is why IT enthusiasts should consider getting one of those cheap but sturdy laptops.  These are compact machines that outperform the majority of ordinary PCs and, more importantly, their components are less exposed to different risks.


No matter how detailed our instructions or any others might be, if you do not feel confident enough to repair your PC on your own, it is better to call a computer repair technician to get your machine back to work. Many emergencies cannot be solved on your own and they demand a professional check. However, if you have enough will to perform it on your own, we hope our tips will help you on your quest.