Comparison Between Xbox One X vs PS4 Pro vs $500 PC

I have an Xbox One S console both a  couple of months ago and I was wondering how the new Xbox One X Console it is in comparison with it and a PC.

Before buying the  XBOX one S I have made the comparison with a PC  and it is offering more alternatives to do more but the price for a decent one was higher than the XBOX One S. Also I wanted just to be able to install the game and play it on my big screen TV.   XBOX is helping me just to do this thing.

If I would decide to go all over again now I will definitely have bought an XBOX One X as it has a great hardware and the price is not that big for what it has to offer. Maybe now there aren’t too many differences but in the future when more games will be created for the XBOX one X it will matter.

Below are some videos with some comparations:

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Linus video comparison with between the 4 off them :

Xbox On it has a great video with the XBOX one X new features:




Even if the PlayStation 4 Pro is cheaper then the one x I still prefer the XBOX as I like the 4K blue ray feature and I like the menu.  I don’t have a lot of friends with a console so playing online with them is not an issue ( if you don’t know you can play online only with players from that console).

What do you think? What do you like more?