Cool Rotating Orbit Clock

If a regular wall clock simply doesn’t cut it for you, and a digital one is not ‘modern’ enough for you, there are other clocks out there that can satisfy your geeky needs.

Enter Orbits Clock – every space exploration enthusiast’s wet dream (well, maybe not a wet dream, but still something they’d enjoy nevertheless).

This wall clock is a simple contraption, but it requires extra space in the third dimension, so make sure, whoever you’re buying this for, has enough space for it.

It is made of three different circles, one for each of the hands, which rotate as time goes by. The hands are designed to mimic the elliptical orbit of planets, and the time is read by the small indicators on each hand.

The carbon fibre material weighs only a few grams, giving the clock its light and airy feeling.

The clock is classy in design, very simple, and comes in two colours. The clock’s base and the elliptical hands are black, while the small indicators on each hand is in gold, to make contrast and make sure you see what time it is.

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The clock is a perfect gift, but it will cost you – its price is $147.

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