In this category, you will find the best courses in various categories that you can make online and start developing your skills.

If we speak about best linux, kubernetes, docker, AWS courses you will find all here from the various sites like Udemy, Coursera or you will find them all here.

5 Best CI/CD Online Courses

CI(Continuous Integration) and CD(Continuous Delivery) illustrate a culture or a group of operating standards, and an array of practices. These are designed to facilitate application development teams to execute code changes reliably and frequently.  The operation is referred to as the CI/CD pipeline and it’s among the best operations that DevOps teams can implement. Further, …

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9 Best Spring Boot / Cloud Microservices Courses(Free & Paid)

Spring Boot is an open-source Java-based framework managed by Pivotal. It gives Java developers a platform where they can establish a production-grade and auto configurable Spring application. Developers can use this application to get started fast without wasting time to prepare and configure their application.  Microservices, also known as microservices architecture, is a native cloud …

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Best Julia Programming Online Courses

Julia is a high-performance, compelling, and distinguished programming language. It’s a general use language that users can leverage to write applications. However, a big percentage of its features are specially designed for high-efficiency computational science and numerical evaluation. Julia comprises multiple dispatches, optional typing, and excellent performance, all of which are achieved through JIT (just-in-time) …

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