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If we speak about best linux, kubernetes, docker, AWS courses you will find all here from the various sites like Udemy, Coursera or you will find them all here.

Best Julia Programming Online Courses

Julia is a high-performance, compelling, and distinguished programming language. It’s a general use language that users can leverage to write applications. However, a big percentage of its features are specially designed for high-efficiency computational science and numerical evaluation. Julia comprises multiple dispatches, optional typing, and excellent performance, all of which are achieved through JIT (just-in-time) …

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Best mongodb courses

Best MongoDB Online Courses and Training (Free and Paid)

MongoDB is a document-oriented cross-platform database program. It’s classified as a NoSQL program. It utilizes JSON-like documents with schema, is developed by MongoDB, and licensed under the Server Side Public License.  MongoDB Features  Each database comprises of collections complete with documents. Each document varies with a different number of fields. The content and size of …

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Best nestjs courses

Best Nestjs Online Courses and Training

Nestjs is a framework for developing scalable and efficient Mode.js server-side applications. It utilizes progressive JavaScript, is developed with, and entirely supports TypeScript, and combines elements of object-oriented programming, functional reactive programming, and functional programming. It also allows developers to code in pure JavaScript.  Behind the scenes, Nest utilizes powerful HTTP server frameworks such as …

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