How to Create a Bootable Windows 8/7/Vista/XP USB Drive

In case you don’t want to install Windows from an DVD than the option to install Windows from USB exists. Installing the Windows from USB it more faster then using a DVD. Also with the latest laptop you can be in the situation that you don’t have a DVD -ROM and you will be forced to install Windows from USB.

I usually prefer the USB method as it is very fast to created a Bootable USB device with different Windows version very fast. I’m usually asked to install Windows on my friends PC’s or laptops that doesn’t have a lot of IT knowledge. To create my Bootable USB device with the Windows on it I use Rufus which worked beautiful on all the versions Windows 8.1/7/Vista and XP. Below are the easy steps that needs to be done to have a bootable USB with Windows.

Steps to create a Windows boot installation USB

1.  Have the Windows as an ISO image.

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2. Download  Rufus the latest version.

3. Configure Rufus to use the ISO file by checking the Create a boot disk using an ISO Image


4. Click start and wait for the operation to finish.

5. You are done with creating the bootable USB Windows stick, what you need to do now is just configure your PC or laptop in bios to boot from USB.


It’s that easy to creat a bootable Windows installation USB.