Developing Android Applications For Free

The Android platform has been popular and continuously growing at a rapid pace. There have been multiple versions of the Android OS that has hit the market and the most recent of the versions include the android Jelly Bean. With around five hundred thousand applications and about hundreds of android devices from various brands the OS is sure to make much bigger. App development in the Android market is booming and so is the scope of app developers in this arena. Applications can be developed for various sectors like – Entertainment, Weather, Games, News, Multi-Media, and much more. In fact, it has become more like you name it and Play Store has it. It is not the big business that rely on app development but even small scale business are also depending on the app world to earn profit for their business.

There are various websites that help to develop apps for android devices.

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Here are some of the websites that help you to develop android applications for free.

  • Free Android App Maker – One of the best websites that help you to create an android application without much of hassles. There are various templates available in the website that helps you to develop apps by yourself.  With the help of the website, you can even submit your application for the review process. Based on your requirements you can customize the template and develop the application.  A shortlisted app can be accessed from the Play store.
  • Apps Geyser – One of the free service providers which help to develop applications for the Android platform. By following step by step procedure a developer can get to build some of the best applications. The apps developed through the website can be customized and distributed and exchanged online itself.  With the help of the site you can even share your app and publicize it through various Social media network. The best part of the site is it help the developer to create apps, monetize, and manage your applications.
  • App Yet – App Yet is a web platform that helps you to convert any web Rss/Atom feed into apps for Android OS. The website gives the developer the freedom to list or sell applications in the Play store and earn with the help of ad campaigns. The biggest advantage of the website is that one can turn a website or even a blog into an Android application and earn money.
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Julian Robert works with Zco’s android game development team as a copywriter.