Ember, the Best Smart Coffee Mug

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When you wake up in the morning, one of the first things that you will be thinking about is your first mug of hot coffee. Its how you get the brain working every morning. When you miss your first coffee it feels like the whole world is in slow-mo. Maybe your colleagues and friends will be calling you grumpy all day! Sometimes though you wake up too sleepy to even figure out how to turn on your coffee maker. Enter into the scene: the smart coffee mug, your solution to keep your coffee perfect all day long. If your coffee was made too hot to drink in the morning, then your smart mug can cool it down for you. Or if you need to jump into the shower then your smart coffee mug can keep your coffee at the perfect drinking temperature.

When it comes to Smart coffee mugs then really there is only one option for you and that is the Ember Smart Coffee mugs. The brand lets you adjust the temperature of any liquid instead their mugs via the company’s smartphone app.

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Ember Temperature Control Mug

You can find the ember on Amazon.com and Ember likes to call it “The World’s first temperature control mug” and we can see why. With its slender and modern design, you can see the high quality work that has gone into the Ember’s production. And if you are someone that is on the go a lot and always on the move, then the travel mug option is the best for you. The app is easy to install and you will be controlling your coffee’s temperature in no time at all.

The Ember mug charges up on a coaster and does not need any cords, it is all wireless. All you have to do is set down your mug every once in awhile on the coaster to ensure it stays charged. The device itself is pretty amazing, no more drinking cold coffee that will give your morning face a nasty shock. This smart coffee will keep your coffee at the best temperature and let you enjoy your latte in bliss.

Or if you are too busy to let your espresso cool down? No problem the Ember has that covered for you, it can rapidly cool down the content to any temperature you need. No need to wait or miss a meeting for your coffee, you can always enjoy the perfect coffee at any time.

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Ember Temperature Control Ceramic Mug

The other option for you traditional mug coffee drinkers is the ceramic one. This is best suited for enjoying a cup of coffee next to your computer as the coaster is not wireless and does need to be plugged in.

Again you are easily able to adjust your coffee to the perfect temperate and make sure it stays that way. Perfect for a long afternoon of reading interesting articles and ensuring your coffee stays hot. The app is simple and easy to navigate, works with multiple different devices so you will not have a problem to start using the Ember’s temperature controls.
The mug itself is beautiful and has a LED display to let you know when the temperature is right. You can even personalize the color of the LED display. Or switch between Celsius or Fahrenheit. Another cool option that the app offers is the ability to save profiles for your favorite drinks. If you prefer your coffee piping hot but want your green tea to be a little cooler then no problem at all. Set up your preferred presets and hop between them depending on the different type of drink.

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The smart coffee mug industry looks to have an exciting future and with many companies jumping in, we will surely see some alternatives pop up soon. But if you want to stay ahead of the trend and drink the perfect coffee today then the Ember Smart Coffee mug is the best!

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