How to Fix Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Not Connecting to Android Device

I have bought my wife an  Xiaomi Mi Band 2 3 weeks ago so she could keep track of the movement and have notifications announcement on her wrist. In the first weeks of using the Xiaomi Mi Band 2 comported perfectly and everything was wonderful, the fitness bracelet was doing everything that I wanted and the battery was lasting at least 2 weeks which was great.

Yesterday all of the sudden the bracelet didn’t send the data to the phone app. I told my wife: try to sync it maybe the connection is off. This is when the Xiaomi Mi Band 2 nightmare started, at the beginning I said that for sure the Xiaomi guys have made something to reset the bracelet ( maybe 5 pushes on the button or something like that) but my online searches it proved otherwise, nothing like this existed and you had to do everything from the phone. So below is a short guide with all the things that I have found online that can help you reset your  Xiaomi Mi Band 2 and maybe have connected again to your phone.

Firmware Update For Xiaomi Mi Band 2

Well if you are already in my position unable to connect Xiaomi Mi Band 2 to the Android doing this is practically impossible as the Firmware update is done through the  Mi Fit App. This was my biggest mistake not connecting the  band to the Mi Fit App, my wife searched online and seen a better app and never used Mi Fit App and in this way, I don’t have the latest Firmware ( if one existed).

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If you still are able to connect your bracelet to  Mi Fit App please connect it and have your internet on the phone it will search for the latest firmware to apply it. Don’t do like me 🙂 having latest firmware can prevent these types of issues.

Steps to Reset Mi Band 2 with Android

As there is no hard reset or factory default reset on the Xiaomi Mi Band 2 you are remaining with the only option to do this from your phone. This is not actually reset the device but only removes the data from the Android Phone, for som was working for me it didn’t, but you can still try it:

Option 1 – remove Bluetooth:

  • Force stop the “‘Bluetooth Share process” by going into Settings>Apps>Under Running Apps
  • Remove any Data that is cached in the process
  • Go to your BlueTooth settings and select the Mi band and tap “Forget Device.”
  • Re-open Mi Fit App and pair the device from the beginning.
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Option 2 – remove app:

  • Unpair the Mi Band 2 from within the Mi Fit App
  • Remove the device from your Phone’s Bluetooth settings by selecting “Forget Device.”
  • Remove any cache files or data stores in the Mi Fit App from Settings>Apps
  • Uninstall and Reinstall the App from the Google Play Store.

None of the above options worked for me.

Option 3 – use an Android APP: 

You can try an android app that could fix this issue for you, it didn’t fix it for me: Fix-it for Mi Band 2 This app is just helping in case you have this error message: “Band is paired by another person. Ask them to unpair it and try again” which I don’t. This is usually seen when you connect the bracelet to Mi Fit App from other devices. More details about these here:


Option 4 – use a new device:

If you don’t have the message “Band is paired with another person. Ask them to unpair it and try again” and the device will just won’t pair then you can try with a new device. I did also these and off course it still didn’t work. But at least now I know that the issue is from the bracelet and not from the app or my devices.

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Option 5 – let the device remain without battery:

Looks like all the options that exist I have tried, the issue looks to be because of a stuck Bluetooth on the Mi Band 2 and I can’t reset it with a button. As I can’t reset it the only option that I see now is to let the band remain without battery and maybe when the Bluetooth is reset as it remains without power will work again.  The bracelet is 90% full and I need to wait for a couple of weeks to do these. As soon as I have the results of this I will put it here.

Option 6 – split open the bracelet:

Another option would be to split open and call it a day 🙂