Google Home Mini Review and Differenced Vs Amazon Echo Dot

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After a year since the launch of the Google Home, the new mini version is finally here with a lower price and a nice design.  What I like the most is the fact that the design is really nice and it has a better sound quality than the rival echo. This will not be a complicated review is just to present the key features of the device and the main differences between the Google Home Mini and Amazon Echo Dot. I have an Amazon Echo Dot for a year and I am very happy with it and what it can do but let’s see what Google Home Mini brings to the table.

Key Features Off Google Home Mini

Fabric design – the fabric design is very nice it is blending well in any environment. You can choose from multiple color options like coral, chalk, charcoal

Utilizes Google Services-  if you are using other Google Services or Google Assistant then it will integrate perfectly with your needs.

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Play Youtube or Control Netflix- with a chromecast connected on your TV it can do wonderful stuff like asking to play youtube videos or controlling you Netflix account

Price- the normal Google Home it was quite expensive and I was not willing to pay the money as long as Echo Dot existed. WIth only 49$ it will be a strong contestant of Amazon Echo

About the key futures, this is about it. It does the same things as a Google Home just is comes in a different form and it has a lower price.

Below is a video from Digital Trends explaining more in detail the Google Home Mini with a demonstration:


Google Home Mini vs Amazon Echo Dot

  • Amazon Echo Dot is here for more than 1 year and is more mature than the competition as it has more time on the market and has multiple skills, this would be the first major difference.
  • Lack of the 3.5 mm sound port on Google Home Mini, as the Echo Dot is coming with the 3.5mm port the competition is not having it. I have a 5.1 sound system and I have the echo dot connected to it. It is great as I can pair it with any Bluetooth device and hear the sound on the 5.1 sound system.  The Google Home Mini will need a ChromeCast audio device that cost another 35$ to accomplish this which is not acceptable.
  • Youtube – I really like youtube and I don’t like that you can’t play music with an Amazon Echo Dot. As Youtube is a Google service with the Chromecast HD the Google Home can do this
  • A better sound quality for Google Home Mini. Echo Dot has a lower sound quality than the Google device, as this is not very important as can’t be used as a full sound speaker is not very important.
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These are the most important differences between the Google Home Mini and  Amazon Echo Dot, I have already an Echo Dot and don’t see why I need to buy one now.