Hidden Camera, Crouching iPhone Dock

With new built-in hidden cameras that record high definition video, docking chargers for iPhone could suddenly become very popular.

Communication is the most valuable currency, and information is key to success. This is something any successful businessman or businesswoman will tell you and really, with all the espionage happening today, be it military, corporate, digital or otherwise, it’s hard not to take it as a fact. Edward Snowden was the best example of how information makes an individual powerful, and sometimes it’s necessary to go full length to get the information you need, not only to protect yourself, but your friends, family and valuables.

That’s why having a hidden surveillance system at home or at work today is pretty much a must-have, especially if you have a small child, or live in a place where break-ins are frequent and the police is mostly helpless.

Even though break-ins and robberies happen everywhere, it’s not rare that only wealthier people, living in bigger houses install a surveillance system, while others rely mostly on the „safety“ of living in bigger and busier neighborhoods, mostly because they can’t afford an expensive surveillance system.

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However, technology evolves every day, and having a quality hidden camera in your home is not completely unaffordable any more.

3rdEye iHome iPhone & iPad Docking Clock

3rd Eye Electronics have created an inconspicuous iPhone docking clock with a built-in camera that can record hours upon hours of quality video. It can be linked to an wireless, so you can watch the live stream from any location while, at the same time, it records all the video to a hidden, built-in SD card.

The video quality goes up to 1280×720 at 30 FPS, but can also be lowered in case you need to record for an extended amount of time.

It comes with the new lightning connector for docking anything past the iPhone 4 and, obviously, it charges your phone while recording.

While an average price of 500 USD is still a lot of money, it’s a small investment for the sense of security it can give.

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Sony iPhone Docking Station

Besides 3rd Eye, Sony’s products are also being used in the spy market. For an average price of 460 USD, the Night Vision Docking Station for the iPhone is a bit cheaper than the 3rd Eye.

While it looks like an ordinary iPhone docking station, with an ordinary built-in clock, it comes with a full D1 resolution (720×480 at 30 FPS) camera. Even though it’s not good as the 3rd Eye’s 1280×720 camera, this one offers a night vision mode which, in my opinion, is more important. I’d rather have a lesser quality video of a robber’s face while he takes my television set during the night, than a HD video of complete darkness. It also records to a hidden microSD card but, unlike 3rd Eye, doesn’t have the live streaming option.


Whether you have a small fortune, or a big fortune (a small baby, perhaps) in the house, a hidden, quality surveillance system has become a must-have. With these two it’s hard to decide which one is better, when both miss a crucial feature. Having a live streaming option is as important as having a night vision mode, but if I’d had to choose, it’d go for the Sony one. Having a 50 USD cheaper camera with night vision is more important than watching your home get robbed live, while you sit at work.

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