How to Choose the Best Domain Name to Support Your Marketing Strategy

Having your own business website that’s informational and user-friendly is crucial for a proper online marketing strategy nowadays. However, the functionality and looks of your website are not all there is to it. After all, in order to set your website up, you will need a name for it. This is known as the domain name, and the way you phrase it can actually affect your marketing efforts considerably. Not only will your domain name encourage or discourage potential clients from clicking on it in organic searches, but it will also contribute to your brand’s recognition.

Keep Your Domain Name Simple

Yes, you want to make your website stand out from the competition and establish your branding in a unique and recognizable manner, but that doesn’t mean that your domain name should be too long or complex. After all, people remember shorter and simpler names a lot better. And, in general, it’s the simple domain names that seem more professional, as well. Finally, you want to make sure that your domain name is easy to type, search for, and pronounce. That said, refrain from using numbers, hyphens, or intentional misspellings for your domain name. Also, consider coining a name that will look good on your promotional materials, match well with the brand image your wish to create, and won’t be too difficult to incorporate in the overall design.

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Keywords May Not Be Necessary

If it’s possible to optimize your domain name with keywords that would improve your marketing practices and search hits, feel free to do so. But, the fact of the matter is that this can be very difficult to do. In the long run, it might be better to focus on SEO and keywords within your website content than to try to fit the keywords you wish to rank for inside your domain name. When you think about it, the biggest and most recognizable brands such as or have no keywords in their domain name, yet they’re still doing amazingly well, and everyone knows about them. Trying too hard to fit in a keyword might end up affecting your business negatively, especially if this as a high-ranking keyword, or it makes your domain too long and difficult to remember.

Choose the Best TLD

TLD is basically the extension of your domain name, the most popular and trustworthy being the good old .com. However, if you already have a clear idea of what your domain name will be, and the said domain with .com extension is already taken, you can also try other extensions such as .org, .co, or even .net, as they are all acceptable and trustworthy extensions that both the search engines and users recognize. For instance, if you’re interested in creating a personal website, utilizing personal domain extension .me is also a good idea. However, keep in mind that there are certain extensions that aren’t viewed favorably, such as .buzz and .click, so don’t rush and do your research carefully.

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Maximize Your Brand Awareness

Finally, the best thing you can do for your brand in order to increase its awareness and make it more memorable is to use the name of your brand for your domain name. It’s true that this can be difficult to do, especially if you’re already an established business that’s only now trying to utilize the power of online marketing. However, this is very beneficial for startups and new businesses that are looking to make space for them in the already saturated market. With the same brand and domain name, there will be less confusion for both your target audience and search engines, which can end up increasing your traffic, the number of generated leads, ranking in the SERPs, and so on.

With everything laid out to you, coming up with a domain name is definitely not the easiest thing to do. However, if you have the right mindset and want to use this name as an additional way to brand your business and remain memorable in people’s minds, it’s important that you put yourself in the shoes of your target audience. Catering to your potential clients first through the domain/brand name will help you pinpoint the best strategies to further brand and market your business as well. 

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