How to Choose the Right Tablet for your Needs

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As our lives grow more fast-paced and interdependent, we are constantly searching for new ways to stay connected while on the go. Enter the tablet. While some detractors said it was a glorified smart phone (or a watered down laptop) the tablet has emerged as an extremely popular portable device with a multitude of uses for many different kinds of consumers. Below is a list of things to consider when choosing the best tablet for your needs.


Choose the Right Focus

What kind of user are you? It doesn’t have to be an existential question, but it is an important one to ask yourself when considering purchasing a new tablet. Will you be streaming video on your new device? Checking up on the stock market, or maybe your fantasy football team? Are you going to invest in all of the latest productivity apps, or the latest games with the coolest graphics? These kinds of questions can steer you towards a specific type of tablet, as well as help you answer questions about what you need in terms of size, speed, and price.


Choose the Right Team

 Picking a brand is kind of like picking sides. It’s not necessarily life sentence, but the advantages of staying with one “team” so to speak across all of your devices must be considered. If you already have a laptop and smart phone from the same company running the same operating system, it makes a lot of sense to choose a tablet that will integrate seamlessly with your existing devices. Many apps from your phone will probably transfer to your tablet without the need to repurchase. Also, having prior experience with an operating system will make it easier for you to get used to how your tablet works.

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However, this does not mean you should choose a tablet based solely on brand loyalty. Make a list of all the features you desire in a tablet, and compare it with the offerings from your preferred team first. If they don’t have what you’re looking for, then don’t settle. You will be able to integrate a different brand’s tablet into your existing digital life.


Choose the Right Power

 Not all tablets are created equal. Choose the one that has just enough power for your needs, to ensure you’re not overpaying. Those who want to run many games or stream video will need substantially more power than those simply looking to update their social media on the fly.

Most brands are constantly competing to have the greatest looking screen, which means resolution is pretty similar across the board. However, some tablets offer a lower quality resolution at a lower price point. This may be a good choice for you if media isn’t your thing.

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Also, when looking at different storage sizes, consider that music and videos aren’t the only things hogging space on your tablet. Apps, contacts, emails, all of these things will eat up your storage. It may be worth it to pay a little extra to know that one day down the road you won’t be struggling to choose which app gets the boot from your overstuffed device.


Choose the Right Size

 Tablets come in a variety of sizes built to suit different needs. Media addicts desire a larger screen with higher resolution, while techies often appreciate the portability of a smaller device. There are other factors to consider that go along with size. Resolution often goes along with screen size as previously stated. Also those with poor vision might appreciate a bigger tablet as well. Finally, bigger tablet usually come wit bigger price tags, while smaller tablets are easier on your wallet.


Choose The Right Price

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When considering the price you’re willing to pay for a tablet, consider everything you expect to get out of it. You’ve already got a pretty good idea of what size and brand tablet you want to buy, but consider the additional costs this type of product comes with.

If you want to stream media nonstop, you might want to also consider investing in a 3G subscription to supplement your wifi connectivity, which will mean a monthly fee. If you’re a hardcore gamer you will probably rack up a few bills from in app purchases. If you’re looking for a budget-friendly tablet, you will need to sacrifice either in terms of power, size, or additional media costs.


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