How to Clean Your AirPods

You will find a crust of wax on your AirPods. This should not come as surprise because we push them deep in our ear holes. They can get even waxier if you don’t clean them on a regular basis or if you don’t do it right.
Water can be used to clean almost everything but the paradox is that you cannot use it to clean your AirPods? Never even wet them.

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How then do you clean them? How often? And what should you use when cleaning?

Cleaning AirPods is easy if you have the right tools. Don’t think of going shopping when you hear of tools, they are simple things like cotton ears buds which you may already be having them with you.

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I will take you through three steps to clean your AirPods. But first, you need to have the following with you.
• Rubbing alcohol
• Cotton ear buds
• Something to scrap with. You can use a pointed object like your SIM eject pin.
• Microfiber cloth

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Remove filth first

You might experience one AirPods being louder than the other. This might be due to the deposited filth of wax covering the sound holes blocking sound.

Use your SIM ejection pin that comes with your iPhone to remove crusted wax from the holes. You should be precise and careful not to push the dirt past the tiny mesh grill that covers the mouth of your AirPods.

Are you the type who uses your AirPods for three months without cleaning them? Well, I hope not. Whatever the case you have to be thorough. You can even use a soft brush to wipe away the scrapped wax coating.
You should be able to scrap the corners and remove much of the disgusting wax coating. Your patience should not be perishable on this since you have to take it slow and carefully.

To be thorough you can suck the dirt with your mouth. I know how absurd it sounds. Even worse if your Pods are extremely dirty. But this may be one of the best remedies you will get out there. There are fine particles which will outcome out if you use that approach otherwise you will be stuck forever.

Apply the rubbing alcohol

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Rubbing alcohol is antiseptic and a moving solvent. Apart from cleaning, we will use the rubbing alcohol bacteria that come with the accumulated dart in your AirPods. Being a moving solvent, it means it can dissolve organic compounds like wax.

Using the cotton ear buds thoroughly apply the rubbing alcohol to dissolve the wax coating and deposits. You should do that by wetting the cotton buds but do not pour the alcohol on the AirPods.

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Give your AirPods about 10 minutes for the wax to dissolve. Use a dry cotton bud to wipe out the liquid wax. You should do this thoroughly to avoid leaving dirt.

Some dirt may still persist even after doing all this. The extent of the dirt maybe great depending on how regular you use your AirPods and how regular you clean them. Make sure all the sound-supping dirt is removed.
Wet another cotton bud with rubbing alcohol and use it to lense your AirPods clean.

Clean the AirPod case.

The case holds your AirPods and they should be a clean a haven. Use cotton buds that are wet with rubbing alcohol. Start with the inside and rub gently. Beware not to wet the charging contacts. The long whole liquid is most unwelcome.
Wet a microfiber cloth with your alcohol and use it to wipe the outside of the AirPods case. Also, you can wipe your AirPods and they will look as good as new.

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Now you can leave the AirPods and the case in the open. The antiseptic is volatile and will easily evaporate in the open leaving your AirPodsand the case dry.

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Having done that successfully, part yourself at the back. There you have it. Your AirPods are as good as new and maybe with better sound projection after scrapping sound blocking dirt. Have them back in your canals and try them out.
If you are happy with the results take your friends for some coffee.

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