How To Control A Smart TV With Amazon Alexa

How To Control A Smart TV With Amazon Alexa

If you have an Amazon Echo or another Alexa device in your house then you can take advantage of the voice commands to control your Smart TV or normal TV. If you already have an Alexa device it will be a shame not to take advantage of this functionality. In this article, I will present you some of the can be used to accomplish this.

As Alexa can’t communicate directly with the TV you will need an IR device to help you control your Smart TV or normal TV. A skill will need to be enabled and Alexa will tell the IR the command and the IR device will execute the command.

There are 2 ways to do this and I will present them with a video of how Alexa is used controlling the TV.

First Most expensive way is with Logitech Harmony Hub

Using the Logitech Harmony Hub is a more advanced way to control your TV but it is also cost more ( around 99$).

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With Logitech Harmony Hub you will get more options than with another device as it was built for this. You can use it to control up to 6 devices. You can configure it to start them in an order if one is started. You can use it to tell Alexa the direct program TV to switch on or you can tell to open Netflix directly.  This is a more expensive way to have the TV controlled or your entertainment center, it is perfect if you have multiple devices as you can group them and make them start when one of them is started ( also you will not need a TV for each of them)

Below are 2 videos with more details about the Amazon Alexa and Harmony Hub:


Second Mode with an IR phone:

If you have a phone with an IR on it then this could be an option too. You can install AnyMote app on the phone an then link the app to Amazon Echo to control your TV.

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The AnyMote app can be used to control more devices also but you will need to have the phone with IR and pointed to the TV. This is a more cheap way to control your TV but is not offering that much functionality like the Harmony.

This is a good way to test it and see if voice commands are perfect for you as you don’t need to spend any money.

Below is a video with a demonstration of how AnyMote can be configured and used and how is working:


If you have other ways to control your TV with your Alexa device please let a comment .



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