How to Detect Hidden Spy Camera Using Your Phone

One of the ways in which our privacy nowadays is constantly interfered with is through the presence of hidden spy cameras. These cameras can be placed anywhere in our world today, from homes to even on the streets. No doubt, there would be a bunch of questions which would surely spring to mind regarding the use of hidden cameras. One of them would be the legality of using these cameras in the first place.

Aren’t Hidden Cameras Illegal?

The general rule which guides the use of hidden cameras in homes is that it is legal to use them. For this reason, the use of these cameras is constantly on the rise everywhere, especially in the United States. One reason why the hidden cameras are constantly used is that many people today have engagements outside their home throughout the day. So what about outside the home? Are hidden cameras also legal?

Unsurprisingly, there are similar laws which allow for the use of hidden cameras in most parts of the country outside the home. One of the most popular places which you are sure to find these hidden cameras would be at stores, or places where a lot of business goes on. A typical example of this would be in banking institutions. While it is legal, it is still meant to be used reasonably abiding by some fundamental rules of right to privacy. 

Since they are legal, it might be quite difficult to stop people from using these cameras. However, there are ways in which you can detect these spy cameras which are being used in various places today. This can even be done with the help of your phone.

In case you want a dedicated device to check for hidden cameras you can see: Best Hidden Camera Detectors. In case you want to transform your phone into a hidden camera you can do also that.

How to Detect Hidden Spy Camera Using Your Phone

Your phone has the ability to detect when a spy camera is being used in a particular area or is being used in a room. Generally, there are about three ways in which your phone would achieve this. Here are some of the ways in which you can accomplish this;

Electromagnetic fields

One of the fastest ways in which you can know when you are being watched by a camera is through its electromagnetic field reaction. Certain applications, when used on phones today, have the ability to find out just where the electromagnetic field is most strong. Once this is done, you can be sure that every camera hidden around that is practically watching your every move will be found.

Infrared Lights

Another great way in which you can detect when you are being watched is by detecting infrared lights. The truth is that most spy cameras which are being used today transmit a particular type of radiation. Now this radiation cannot be seen by the human eye but it can be picked up by the lens of the camera on your phone. Once your camera on your phone is close enough to the hidden camera, you would spot these light as pure white on the screen of your phone.

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To use this ability quite well, you would most likely have to use an application. Once this is downloaded, you launch the app for your camera and explore the room pulling the camera of your phone in the various places which you suspect might be the hiding place of a hidden camera. Once you see the light, then you can further check just to make sure you are correct. It’s that easy.

Use your phone to search for unusual Wi-Fi signals

Another important way in which you can detect those hidden cameras would be to search for the Wi-Fi signals on your phone. Regularly, you might see hidden spy cameras and other devices which can record pop up on your Wi-Fi signal list.

Therefore, one way in which you can get the hidden camera is to keep refreshing your Wi-Fi settings as you explore the area which you currently find yourself in.

Using a dedicated App for Android and iPhone

Sometimes, the best way in which you can really identify these hidden cameras is by using an app which has been built just for it. These apps have finding hidden cameras as their top concern and would help you to root them out as soon as you step into a room or area. These apps can be gotten through the Google Play store or the Apple Store. Here are some of the best applications from among the lot.

1.      Hidden Camera Detector made by Future Apps

If you are looking for an application that is trusted by millions of people and is relatively small in the storage size that it takes, then the hidden camera detector made by Future Apps would be your best bet. This application is not only available to users of Android but can also be downloaded by iOS users which would surely only increase its popularity with users. The number of people who have downloaded this app from the Google play store alone is more than a million and is increasing with each passing day.

This app makes use of a feature which is called the Magnetometer feature which ensures that hidden cameras with electromagnetic fields are found by the app in less than no time.

Using the app

Interested in the app already? Here are some steps which you would help you to use this app most more effectively;

·         Once the app has been launched, you would have to move closer to any device which you feel might have a hidden camera. Places which are most likely would probably include the shower changing room or even the vase where the flowers are kept.

·         The application works and searches for hidden cameras by searching for any magnetic response in the area where you are currently situated. Once any magnetic response is found which resembles that of a camera, the application would alert its users of the danger around.

·         This application is also equipped with the ability to be able to find the infrared lights of any camera around. All you would need to do to find the hidden camera would be to open the part where the detector is found and search for the white light as earlier mentioned which would allow you to discover the presence of a hidden camera.

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·         While normal cameras have the ability to find the lights, this application makes it easier by also bringing luminescence lights with it.

Size and Version

Currently, the application is only 2.74MB and is currently on version 12.0. If you wish to use it, all you have to do is to search for it on your respective stores.

2.      Hidden Devices Detector CCTV FINDER

No matter where or how the hidden camera was placed, if there is one app which can find it for you, it would surely be the Hidden Devices Detector which is made by Detective tools for your mobile devices. Its usefulness is being seen in the fact that it has been downloaded by thousands of persons already. This app allows its users to find hidden devices in general in a bid to save them from the effects of radiations and breach of their privacy. It does this through two very broad methods. They are;

Radiation Detector

This application seeks to detect all forms of radiation. It attempts to do this by using sensors which are magnetic in nature to find concentrated areas of radiation in your home which would be detrimental to your health. The only requirement which you might need to have is that your phone should be one which uses or has sensors for magnetic fields.

However, since they intend to help persons, most people who cannot use the radiation detector because it is not available to them on their phone have the chance of using the infrared detector which is the second method which is being used by the application

Infrared Detector

One of the main features of the infrared lights is that it is impossible to see these lights by just using your human eye. With this in mind, there are certain cameras which would be able to pinpoint these lights. This app would ensure that you spot any while lights where there are hidden cameras or high chances of radiation in your home.

This method is more difficult to use and therefore should only be resorted too when your phone does not have the magnetic feature that has been stated above. Here are some of the best benefits or features which you would get when you use Hidden Devices regularly;

·         One tap is all you would need to start finding any breaches to your right of privacy

·         The app makes use of the magnetic sensor which would make it easier to spot hidden devices much more easier

·         The app also uses infrared lights to help others whose phones do not have magnetic sensors

·         It gives just the right amount of output for it to be successful

·         You can expect precise accuracy when you choose to use this app.

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Size and Latest Version

If you are planning on using this application, then you would be happy to know that it is just 2.75 MB in terms of size. You can get it at the Google play store and the version being used is version 2.2

3.      Spy Hidden Camera Detector by Asher L. Poretz

What has been described by many people as one of if not the most advanced camera detector app for Apple phones, the spy hidden camera detector which is made by Asher L. Poretz is surely on a class of its own? One of the ways in which you can sense its validity is the fact that it is being shared by thousands of users today and many people are actively using it. The app is made solely for Apple users and therefore, Android might not have access to using this app. With the announcement of its latest version X, this app does not look like it is slowing down anytime soon. Here are some of the things which you should know about this application;

·         Compatibility: this app is only compatible with iOS users who are using version 9.2 upwards. It is also compatible with the iPad Pro and touch which makes it a very useful application indeed.

·         Language: one of the biggest catch when using this application is that it is only in English. This means that other users would have to learn some basic English if they wish to make use of this app on a regular basis.

·         Features: most of the features which are being used on this application are amazing. From automatic detection of cameras to manually detecting on your own, it has got you covered in ways which you probably would not have imagined. It works for hidden cameras or other devices which magnetic fields are quite small in width. With the new upgrades which have also been made, you would be able to use the applications on the iPhone X screens also scan cameras in homes that run on Bluetooth. With this application, there is just so much which you stand to achieve when it comes to protecting your privacy.

·         Price: while its counterparts in Android phones are mostly free, this app comes at a small price for all the awesome things which it can do. You can get it at the Apple store for as little as 3 pounds. Therefore, if you are interested in this app, do make your way to the store and purchase it for yourself.


The truth is that as the world keeps on developing, our privacy may become completely gone if we do not have some measure of control over it. This can be achieved by knowing what you can do to spot these hidden cameras on your own and how your mobile devices can even make the work much easier for you. Armed with this knowledge, you would face the continuous evolution of technological advancement without any form of dread or fear.