How to Disable Amazon Echo Spot Camera

The Amazon Echo Spotis a handy device capable of many interesting features. Its versatility grows exponentially if paired up with the Alexa app, that’s compatible with the device. It becomes completely hands-free as it can be controlled via voice command.

But, no matter how great and useful a device may be, some people are still wary of their possible monitoring ability. Since the Echo Spot comes with a camera, able to register videos without too many problems, a little bit of paranoia is to be expected. Especially since the vast majority of people keep it on their nightstand, as it makes for a great alarm clock. No one like the thought of being watched as they sleep. That’s enough to freak out a full grown man.

Rest assured though, because this Echo device has plenty of ways in which you can disable that camera, and get rid of all that uneasiness.

The simplest and fastest way to make sure that the camera is not functional is to press that Mute button at the top of the device, in between the two volume buttons. Keep in mind that this way has its disadvantages. Yes, it’s fast, but it also disables the microphone, which will make it impossible to use Alexa.Most of you out there are not ready to give up their voice command abilities.

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This aspect was probably taken into consideration by the producers because they build in a way to disable only the not to be trusted camera.

Step 1

Swipe down from the top of the screen and tap that little gear icon.

That will open up for you the Settings menu.

Step 2

Scroll down until you find the “Device Options” feature and tap on it.

Step 3

Find the “Camera” and tap on the toggle switch to disable it.

Step 4

There will appear a Warning message, notifying you that some features will also be disabled along with the camera. Don’t be afraid to agree to this. It’s all fine and safe. Select that “Arrow” button to confirm the action.

If you’re not in for all these multi-steps, you can just make Alexa do your dirty job. Just say: “Alexa, turn the camera off” and is done. The camera will also be disabled for some functions like video chatting and Photo Booth.

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Sure some really paranoid people out there might go the extreme way. If simply disabling it still fails to appease your mind, you can always just put some tape on it and hope for the best. That’s by no means a recommended option since you can also stop other harmless features from doing their job. But, your peace of mind is the most important so, if you distrust machines that much go for it.

The camera function is clearly just as useful as the others offered by the Echo Spot. Chats, voice calls, or simply recording videos, really adds some charm to the smart device. However, there still exists a feeling of general distrust in these technologies and is clearly good to know that there are ways for you to still enjoy this feature while also keeping your private life private.