How to Find Duplicate Photos on Your PC or Mac

Duplicate photos are one big issue every user faces no matter they are using a computer or mobile devices. These files accumulate on your device over time due to various reasons. These reasons may include sharing the same file multiple times using different apps, downloading the same file multiple times, data backup and more. If you have a lot of these redundant files accumulated on your device and you are worried about how to deal with it, then this article is for you. Here, we have discussed 5 best advanced duplicate photos remover tools for PC and Mac that reduces the need of cumbersome manual cleaning. You can use these powerful tools to effectively de-duplicate your photos collection both on Windows and Mac.

Duplicate Photos Fixer: Duplicate Photos Fixer is a simple yet effective tool that helps you find & delete duplicate photos effectively. Working on powerful scan engines and advanced de-duplication algorithms, it helps you clean remotest corners of your device storage. Its matching criteria option allows you to set criteria to find both similar and exact match identical photo files. This smart tool supports cleaning on both internal & external device storage. Once it performs deep scanning of your device storage, it displays auto-mark results where it keeps all poor-quality files auto-marked to be deleted. This smart solution works efficiently on multiple devices including Windows, Mac, Android and iOS.

Duplicate Photo Cleaner: Duplicate Photo Cleaner performs a deep cleaning of your system with human-like intelligence. Here, it looks for similarities based on multiple factors including same name, same size, same subject, resized photos and other edited images. It supports all popular image formats to deliver instant and accurate results. You can use this tool both on Windows and Mac devices. To find all duplicate photos on your device, you simply need to add folders for scanning. It gives you complete control over your photos where you can decide which files to delete. It even allows you to move these files to another folder when needed.

Duplicate Cleaner: Duplicate Cleaner is available for Windows only. You can use this tool to de-duplicate your complete device storage. Here, it will work as a duplicate photo finder tool to de-duplicate your photo collection and also offers comprehensive cleaning. It works automatically to save your valuable time and reduce manual efforts. While searching for duplicate files, it helps you look into folders, search inside zip files, and perform extensive cleaning. Its advanced filters and automated selection options help you refine your search process to get instant and accurate results. Its selection assistant helps you find similar files based on groups, drives, dates, folders and more. It even allows you to select a favorite folder, select smallest images for deletion, and remove files that duplicate it elsewhere.

CISDEM Duplicate Finder for Mac: Use this smart duplicate file finder tool to clean all identical files on Mac. It supports cleaning all types & formats of files. It helps you clean both internal ^ external device storage. It supports cleaning in the Photos library and in iTunes. It allows you to compare identical files or duplicate images in list, thumbnail or info views. It smartly helps you find duplicate files where you can select newest or oldest files to delete. You can use this tool to find duplicates based on multiple different categories and sort files based on same name, count, size, type and keywords. It offers real-time calculation where you can see how many files and the total size of them will be deleted. It sends all deleted files to Trash from where you can recover files when needed. In other features, it offers the smartly select option, full-screen mode, quick search, exclude list, size settings to specify the filters depending on the duplicate size, macOS High Sierra support and more.

CCleaner: CCleaner offers comprehensive cleaning for your system where it helps you clean and optimizes your system for better performance. This smart solution is trusted by millions of users around the world. Under its duplicate files cleaner functionality, it helps you find and clean all types of duplicate files in few clicks simple process. You can use its multiple scan filters to refine your search process. You can use this tool to delete duplicates from specific folders or complete device storage. It searches for duplicate files based on multiple attributes including the same name, same size, same date and same content. Its ignore option helps you exclude certain files & folders from scanning.

Conclusion: The best duplicate photos finder tools offer an easiest & safest solution to help you deal with all identical photo files on your device. Working on powerful scan engines and advanced algorithms, these photo management tools perform a deep cleaning of your system. Furthermore, these tools work automatically to help you recover valuable disk space while saving your time and reducing manual efforts. Here, we have discussed few advanced duplicate photos cleaner tools to help you organize your photo collection on Windows and Mac. If you have a suggestion to add more such tools in the list, then feel free to comment below.

Metadata: Using best duplicate photos cleaner tools you can easily & safely organize photo collection on PC and Mac. Let’s discuss some of these effective tools here.