How to Increase Battery Life on Your Smartphone

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Owning a smart phone is a delight for many; the idea of having so many features in a single device is simply a delight. However, the smartphone experience is seriously dented by the limited battery life. In normal cases charging is required every 24 hours or so. In other instances, the power is not even enough to last through the day. Assuming that you are not spending too much time on your phone, there are a number of simple steps that can effectively increase battery life on your smart phone. Sample the following:

1. Regulate the display: A bright screen is attractive but comes at the expense of the battery, causing a huge power drain. Fortunately there are settings and controls that allow you to dim the backlight of your screen. Set the brightness to medium so as to strike the perfect balance between power saving and the ease of reading. A very dim setting will strain your eyes especially if you’re in a brightly lit location. If you have the option of auto-brightness, simply activate it and you can consider the balancing sorted. Limiting the time taken by the backlight to time-out can also increase battery life on your smartphone. A minute or less will do just fine, unless your reading speed is still awaiting intervention.

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2. Give it a rest: There are a number of instances in the course of the day when you will not be in a position to use your phone such as in a meeting, class, gym, church or on a date. You also have those moments that you simply don’t feel like talking, don’t you? These would be perfect times to give your smartphone a nap. Switching it off for that hour or two will make a whole lot of difference, leaving you with adequate power to use later. For your information, switching your phone back on does not take any extra power.

3. Avoid vibration and unnecessary notifications: Vibrating takes more battery power than ringing, and disabling it will increase battery life on your smartphone. Notifications also consume the much needed power. Though it may be just a small amount, if the notifications keep popping up randomly they will gradually drain the battery. Preventing that simple buzzing or lighting on your phone can go a long way in power saving.

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4. Do you need 3G? In instances where you are basically using your smartphone for calls and SMS, you can increase battery life on your smartphone by disabling 3G. With the 3G enabled, power is consumed even without logging into the web. Depending on your phone, you can even switch off date all together.

5. Disable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth: Wireless technology can be a bit nosey! In some phones, the Wi-Fi automatically connects to any network within its reach. Your smartphone wastes power in the process even without your knowledge. Disconnect these functions to save power. After all, it only takes a moment to turn on these applications when you need them.

These tips should effectively increase battery life on your smartphone if you are not using it excessively. Otherwise, consider carrying an extra battery or even a charger.

Author Bio: Ruth Rogers is a technology lover who also enjoys writing about web tools.  She recommends that anyone that has a website should incorporate locals ranking tracker to keep things running smooth.


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  1. What do I need to do.. I am not using 2G/3G gprs but its still consuming my battery may be there are some apps running in my smartphone how to stop them. I am using Samsung Galaxy y

    1. Well good to know all of that, most important point in your topic about battery to increase there life is to use normally and recharge it at time.

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