How To Keep Your Laptop From Overheating

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Laptop overheating is a common problem which most people don’t know how to handle. This is a serious problem that causes severe damages to your laptop and can completely affect its functionality.

This problem is not accustomed to specific types of laptops but aging laptops are prone to it. However, it is easy to state that laptop overheating is common to many people who own a laptop.

Severe overheating can cause damage to internal components. This can subsequently lead to you incurring handsome amounts of cash if some components may require replacement.

You may relate laptop overheating with unknown underlying problems which might not necessarily be the case. Let us look at the main causes of laptop overheating and show you how you can keep your laptop from overheating.

Causes of laptop overheating

Dust buildup

Once too much dust builds up inside your device, cooling becomes impaired.

Poor Location

Uneven surfaces will affect airflow inside your laptop.

Poor Ventilation

The room that you are working from maybe hot and poorly ventilated. This implies that the air that your laptop sucks in for cooling purposes is already hot. Instead of aiding the cooling process it only compounds your problem of overheating.

Heat emitting components

When the CPU in intensively subjected to a lot of work, it heats up. This makes the fans to run faster and generate heat as a result. The processor and even hard drives are also known to emit heat when in use.

Malfunctioning cooling system

Your laptops cooling system may be malfunctioning due to varying reasons. For instance, your fans may be broken and probably you are not aware. This will result to heat building up since your cooling system is down.

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Keeping your laptop from overheating

Check and Clean the Fans

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Always make sure you keep track of your laptop fans temperature. There are tools that can help you do that. For those using Mac, devices can try Mac Fan Control.

If your fans are well functioning, you will feel air blowing out of the vents. If your fans are dead silent, it means they are either broken or not functioning. It is worth noting that noisy fans also imply there is an underlying problem.

Open up your laptop and clean the deposited dust using compressed air. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove the dust. You can improvise with the hair blow machine. Always ensure the fun revolves in the right direction to avoid causing damage. This will help restore your fan functionality and prevent your laptop from overheating.

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In case you have a broken fan, you need to replace it. At this point, you should seek assistance from a professional. If you have the gats you can have it done yourself.

Service other cooling components.

It is not over yet. After cleaning your fans you need to take care of other cooling components.

The first one is to clean the exhaust ports. Use your vacuum cleaner to suck the air. This should make it easy for hot air that is coming out. In case the exhaust ports are blocked, hot air is also blocked inside. This buildup of hot air results to overheating of your laptop which should be avoided.

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Secondly, clean the air intake grills. Most manufacturers have the intake grills placed at the bottom of your laptop. Some have them placed at the side.

Intake grills help get fresh air in which helps in cooling the fan. This aeration should be sufficient. Clear the intake grills to ensure the air flows flawlessly.

Elevate Your Laptop

Lack of good aeration beneath your laptop may also cause overheating. The best approach is to purchase a laptop cooling mat which will provide for enough ventilation under your machine. Also, you can improvise by placing something like a book under your machine to provide for good aeration.

Place your device on a hard and flat surface.

Some people have lap desks which is a good remedy. But one mistake we make when using our laptops is placing them on uneven surfaces.

Placing your laptop on a pillow, bed, or even lap may block airflow impairing it cooling. The good thing is to place your laptop on an even and hard surface.

Controlling Fan Speeds

This can be achieved through the use of software tools. When the CPU is executing many programs or has intense workloads, fan speed increases. As a result, temperatures start building up.

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You can control that by using Mac Fan Control for Mac devices or SpeedFan for MS Windows devices.

Manage processes running on your laptop

Some of our laptops do not have strong processors. If subjected to mass processing, the computer will strain to execute the many processes. Due to this strain, internal parts heat up emitting a lot of heat.

For instance, when you duo boots your machine and runs gaming software you subject the CPU to intense work. It will start heating up and increase fan speed as a result.

It is advisable to subject your laptop to a reasonable number of processes. Have only the important processes running on your laptop at any given time.

Buy laptop cooling pad

The cooling pad is tailored to provide additional cooling to your laptop. Most laptops cooling systems sucks air from below, so when choosing for your cooling pad, understand how it functions.

If the cooling pad seats underneath your device, it may block or suck the air that should be entering inside your device. Such a cooling pad will increase the temperatures, making your problem even worse.

The key thing is to understand how your device cooling system works and that of the cooling pad you intend to purchase.


You will realize that the main cause that makes our laptops to overheat comes from how we use them. Do not use your machine in a way that will affect its health. Even if your device doesn’t show signs of overheating, it is good to clean its exhaust ports, fans and vents to prevent dust buildup.

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