How to Legally Track Someone’s Location by a Cell Phone

Everyone has their own reasons to track someone’s location using a cell phone number. 

Generally, the most common reason for tracking a cell phone is to find out the location of your friends or family. Maybe you want to keep eye on your kids or spouse to know their whereabouts. 

Tracking a phone location is also useful if a cell phone has been lost or stolen. A phone tracker helps you find the location of your cell phone. 

Or maybe you want to trace the unknown number you have received a call from. A phone tracker can show you the location of the caller. 

Some employers want to keep a tab on their employees to make sure they are doing their field job appropriately. 

No matter what purpose you have, today’s advanced tools provide with your flexibility and capability to track the locations in many ways. Some tools let you give the real-time updates of the locations being covered by the cell phone’s owner under a track.  

Is it Legal to Track a Phone?

Generally speaking, it is ILLEGAL to track someone’s phone. Only law enforcement agencies can do that, that’s only when they are permitted to do so. 

One more thing—there is no third-party app that will let you track someone’s location by their phone number. You need to add them in-app and they can allow you to track them using their cell numbers. 

You can only track the phone if you are allowed by the owner of that phone. For example, you can track your phone or the one that is belonging to your family member or kids. 

While it is fine to monitor your kids for the sake of their safety, doing the same for spying can get into legal trouble for violating someone’s privacy. 

To avoid legal hassles, make sure to get the owner’s permission to track their phone remotely. 

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If you’re using a cell phone tracker app or tool that locates the whereabouts of the number and shows you where in the world that number is registered, you can rest assured that it’s totally legal. Area code locations are provided into the public domain and completely legal to look into.

Keeping this mind, here are some effective methods of finding someone’s locations by cell phone without violating the laws. 

Contact Your Network Provider:

One of the basic ways to legally track a cell phone’s location is to contact the network providers. A network provider’s store calls logs, meaning that you can make queries about certain calls. 

The catch is here that they only provide the city and state from where the call was made, and that’s the only information they can provide even if you owned that account. 

You can request them to check the phone number on their system to see if something comes up. But that is only possible if the phone number is from the same network provider. Frankly speaking, a network provider can’t provide you more than the owner’s name. 

However, you can still try to find out the location by getting an idea by the name of the caller. 

Use “Find My Device” for Android:

Find My Device is another legal way to trace the location of an Android cell phone. But it is only useful if the device is registered with your Gmail account. Find My Device is the product by Google for Android phones. 

Here are the steps to use it:

  • Visit Google Play Store and search for “Find My Device”.
  • Once you install it, sign in to Find My Device using the Google account you want to use the service with. 
  • It also provides you extra features such as locking and erasing your phone’s data remotely. 
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It is also available to be used on a desktop computer. Just type Find My Device in the search bar of Google. Sign in the service with your Gmail ID associated with the phone to be tracked. 

Opt for a Caller ID Identifier:

Most telecom companies have a special Caller ID or CNAM identifier, but it is paid. Simply put, it is a paid service to identify the caller’s location. It will even display the caller’s CNAM on your phone screen, no matter if they have a CNAM blocker that hides a caller’s name and phone number while dialing someone. You can also use CNAM tools that can track the owner’s name, city, and state. But keep in mind that the information might not be accurate. 

Using Social Media or the Internet:

Another quick and legit way to find someone’s location by cell phone number is by putting up the number of social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Google. This is not rocket science. 

Just paste the number in the search bar of these services. Google or Facebook will show you the accounts or organizations the phone number is linked with. 

It also means that this method won’t be helpful if the cell phone number is not linked or associated with any Facebook profile or any organization over Google. 

Use Cell Phone Tracking App:

There are many cell phone tracking apps to choose from. Most of them promise a live tracking of the location of the phone. Some even let you track someone’s location without even letting them know. Such apps are really useful when you want to track your kid’s whereabouts or want to keep a tab on your employee’s “on-filed” locations. 

They work by transmitting a signal to a server or another device about its current position. An authorized user can access this to know about the location of someone. 

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However, the location can only be accessed if the feature is active on the phone; if the location feature is not activated by the phone’s user, it would be challenging to find out their exact location. 

Phone Tracker is one of the reliable cell phone tracking apps that lets you track someone’s locations. It is a free tracking app available for iOS and Android. Apart from tracking the location, it lets you know about text messages, web activities, calls, and other things going on the phone you are looking to track. This is useful to be aware of the whereabouts of your family members and employees. As an added bonus, it can be used for up to 5 smartphones to track everything on these phones for free. 

Use “Find my iPhone” for iPhone:

Find my iPhone is meant for the tracking of iPhone. It is in-built in iPhone and activated on its own as you start the iPhone for the very first time. 

Otherwise, you can activate it by visiting “Settings” and tap on “Apple ID” —iCloud. Activate the “Find my iPhone” to activate the feature. 

With Find my iPhone feature, you can easily track the location of the linked iPhone in iCloud from any desktop browser or another iOS device. 

All you need to enter the Apple ID password and username of the phone. 

So these are some ways to legally track someone’s location by cell phone. What do you think? Please let us know by commenting below. 

Author Bio:- Founder at Phone Tracker, Dan Parisi is a tech enthusiast and educates the audience on gadgets, software and futuristic technology through his writings.