How to Make Ubuntu Look like Apple MacOS Mojave

I really like the Ubuntu Gnome theme but I like more the  MacOS theme and dock so I will like to have my day to day system as close as possible to resemble  MacOS with most of the futures.

I have searched online to find the best ways to accomplish these and looks like is not hard at all to have these done and have your Ubuntu match MacOS Mojave or the normal MacOS theme.

To do these you need to install a couple of programs and make some configurations, below there is the perfect video that will help you accomplish all of these.


Some short tutorial in case you don’t want to follow the video and already know what you need to do to have these done:

    1. Download the theme  System Theme (Mojave Dark) – the theme is also for Gnome 3.30
    2. Download Gnome Tweaks from app center
    3. Place the downloaded theme files in .themes directory
    4. Download the Cupertino icon set –
    5. Place the icons in the icons directory
    6. Install Plank app from App center, will create a dock
    7. Download the Mojave & High Sierra Plank Dock themes –
    8. Hide the Dask with “Dash to Dock” Gnome Extension –
    9. Configure all in Gnome Tweaks
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Just follow the video and you will be able to have everything together and have Ubuntu look as macOS.

Below are the resources from the video that will help you with all modifications:


Have you installed it what do you think is worth it?