How to Make Use of Screen Recording in Various Ways

People often have a very one-dimensional view of screen recording because they only ever see it being used in a particular way. However, if you want to there are lots of different avenues that you could make use of it, and you just need to know how.

Creating Video Guides

The most popular way to use screen recording is to create video guides involving software or other digital products. Because it is able to record video footage from your screen, you can ‘show’ people each step that they need to perform.

However what most people don’t realize is that the guides that can be created with screen recording extend beyond the standard ‘how to’ videos that you may run into online. In fact, you can create more specific guides to help explain technical documents, spreadsheets,
diagrams, and so on.

Saving Online Streaming Videos


While there are other ways to save online streaming videos, most have limitations of some form or other – but screen recording does not. Instead, you could directly capture streaming video on Mac or PC and then save it to watch it at any point in the future.

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The only drawback of saving online streaming videos using screen recording is that it takes time – i.e. the duration of the video itself. Still considering many screen recorders including Movavi Screen Recorder for Mac have tools to automate the recording to some degree or
other, it often isn’t that big of an issue.

Recording Video Calls


As video calls have become more popular, more and more people are using platforms like Skype, FaceTime, or Google Hangouts to communicate with one another. However, unlike instant messaging most platforms don’t provide a way to save video calls so that they can be played and referred to later.

Screen recording can help to overcome that limitation by recording any ongoing video call. In fact, by doing so you could record video interviews, business meetings, conferences, or even discussion panels.

Requesting Technical Support

Have you ever had difficulty describing the issue that you’re facing when you try to request technical support? Rather than trying to painstakingly spell it out – screen recording will let you ‘show’ the problem that you’re facing by recording a video of it.

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All that you need to do is record a video of the bug or problem and then show it to technical support. That should allow you to get help more easily, as it will be easier for them to identify the problem on their end. If you want you could upload it to a platform like
YouTube and then paste the link on forums to get help as well.

At this point , you can probably see just how useful screen recording is, and may even already have identified several ways in which you’d like to use it. While you could learn how to use the screen capture utility on Windows 10, it helps to have an actual screen recorder that will let you set up the recording parameters according to your requirements.