How To Play Emulator Games On Android Device

Many players want to play classic games on their Android smartphone or a tablet. You can be one of them and all you need is an internet connection and some time. First of all, you will need an emulator itself and a ROM file. Sites like Gamulator offer a huge database of suitable files. Anyway, we will guide you through the entire process. Follow these steps.

  1. Download the emulator

In order to play the games, you need to download a suitable emulator. For instance, if you want to play Nintendo DS games, you will download Drastic or RetroArch. Keep in mind that each version of the game has a different emulator. You need to know for which platform the game is developed and download the corresponding emulator.

Once you have downloaded the emulator, install it. Of course, you can use the computer to download the emulator and transfer it to the memory of the smartphone or tablet. Activate install from unknown sources to be allowed to install.

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  1. Download the ROM file

A game for an emulator or better said a game that will run on the emulator is known as ROM file. Each game is a separate file. Once again, you need to pair the emulator and the ROM file. If the emulator doesn’t recognize the file, try a different emulator. The ROM file has to be present on your smartphone or a tablet. The size varies and depends on a game so this matter can’t be generalized.

  1. Load the file

All emulators work in the same way. They can simulate the operating system of the original device. In order to use it, you will have to load the game file which we discussed earlier. There is usually an option such as load or open. Click on it and locate the file on your device.

  1. Play the game

This is all you need to know. Once the game is opened, you can start playing it immediately. The controls of emulators are usually developed to mimic the actual device. Yes, you will need some time to get a better idea on how to use it, but this is extremely simple and you won’t encounter any issue.

  1. Exit and load another game
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After you are done playing a game, you will likely want to try another one. To do so, exit from the emulator or locate load option again. Load the second game and start playing. It is so simple and easy that even children could do it. When you want to exit completely, press home button and device will exit. Repeat the steps when you want to play another game.

The final word

You were able to learn how to play ROM games on your Android device. Keep in mind that you need two things in order to play a game. You need a suitable emulator and ROM file. The emulator is an engine that uses ROM file and you need to load each game into the emulator.