How to Prevent Unauthorized Use of Your PC

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unautorize use pcMany people leave their PC on all the time and think nothing of it. At the same time they keep personal private information including financial, automatic logins and confidential files. We all are so accustomed to keeping everything on our PC that we don’t even think about what might happen if someone sat down and started to cruise through our files, we would likely not even know it happened.

Most of us have visitors in our home, including our kid’s friends, spouse or partners friends, trades people performing tasks and it is easy to forget they have access to everything in our homes, like lights, water, food and computers. If someone sat down at your PC they could get access to all of your accounts, including your financials. How would you know if they did? You might not even be home. Unless you are monitoring your PC, you wouldn’t know, unless you found unauthorized activity, missing money, credit card charges or emails you didn’t send. It might be months before you realize someone hacked into your PC which would make it impossible to find out who did it. There are even more reasons to monitor your PC while you out of town.

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Your PC is a powerful tool, and many times we forget all of the personal information we have stored on it. Take a moment to think about what could happen if an unauthorized user got access to your information.

Monitoring Your PC

Monitoring your PC provides you with a complete record of everything that happens on your computer. You will see all activity just like you are watching TV on a screen. You will have a record of websites visited, files accessed, emails, accounts accessed and purchases all with a record of the date and time of the access. Some monitoring programs even give you remote live controls.

There are a number of companies that sell stealth monitoring software, which give so many feature and function choices, which means you can select exactly the features you need.  Some of the stealth programs are so much more than monitoring what has happened.  One of my favorites is from Retina X Studios, which includes these useful features:

  • Screenshots

  • Websites visited

  • Keystrokes

  • Social networking logs

  • Profanity alerts

  • PC Activity logs

  • PC location mapping (vital for tracking laptops)

  • Chats detail

  • Applications executed

  • Application use duration

  • Live control panel with the ability to:

    • Monitor real time screen and keystrokes.

    • Browse files remotely to find any hidden items.

    • Control time usage, which for kids is magic because you can enforce computer usage rules.

    • Launch applications remotely.

    • Send a message to the user.

    • Reboot, shutdown or log users off your computer.

  • Filtering controls, including the ability to control applications, deny or allow websites and chats and block or allow social networking sites.

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James Benson blogs about PC security issues and for Retina X Studios, a groundbreaking monitoring and remote PC control software called SniperSpy.


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