How To Reset Your HomePod

This is a breakthrough speaker that adapts to its location and delivers high-fidelity audio wherever it is playing. Together with Apple Music and Siri, homepod creates an entirely new way for one to discover and interact with music at home. One can control this speaker by voice using Apple’s virtual assistant Siri.

Features of Homepod

  • Design – It resembles a small mesh-covered Mac Pro. It has a cylindrical body with a flat top that shows a Siri waveform when activated. Built-in touch controls are included to play, pause music and also adjust the volume.

Homepod comes in space Gray or White. The device has no external markings, so it has a simple design that matches a range of interior decors.

It also includes a removable power cable which is covered in a fabric much like that of the speaker. Apple does not recommend removing the cable.

  • Siri integration – Siri has been updated with a greater understanding of music-related data, allowing the personal assistant to answer a wide range of music-related questions.

Siri is not only limited to music-related questions but it also acts as a home assistant. It can answer questions around a wide range of topics, sending messages, making phone calls, giving weather updates, setting timers and many more.

  • Supported touch gestures – Homepod supports various gestures using the touch controls which are at the top of the device. A tap pauses or plays music while double-tap swaps to the next track.
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You can go back to the previous track with a triple tap. Touch and hold bring up Siri.

  • Sound quality – The speaker uses automatic bass correction powered by a low-frequency microphone and dynamic software modeling to keep sound distortion-free even at loud volumes.
  • Hardware – Homepod is filled with sophisticated hardware that is dedicated to providing the best possible sound.
  • Home kit – Just like the Apple TV, homepod serves as a Homekit hub whereby it enables remote access for Homekit devices allowing one to control them even when they are away from home.
  • Operating system – Homepod runs on a full version of IOS, relying on a shell app called “Soundboard” to integrate with the hardware of the device.
  • Music playback – Homepod connects directly to Apple Music in the cloud over Wi-Fi so that it can access a user’s music library. It also supports a shared Up Next Music list so that all the people in a home can contribute to the music playlist.
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In case one does not an Apple Music account, Homepod works with iTunes Match and iTunes Music purchases to play music from streaming services like Spotify.

When to reset Homepod

Homepod should only be reset when:

  1. If Homepod is not responding after a restart.
  2. You want to reset it to factory settings.
  3. You need to send your Homepod in for service.
  4. You want to sell or give away your Homepod.

How to Reset Your Homepod

According to Apple the first step that one should take if Homepod is not responding is unplugging it from power and plugging it back in. If the problem is more complex than this, then one may need to completely reset it.

There are two ways that can be used to completely reset Homepod. The first and easiest method is by using the Home application on your IOS device.

By using the Home app- one should make sure that they are signed in to the Home app on their IOS device or Mac with the Apple ID that you used to set up your Homepod.

Then check that the IOS device or Mac is on the same Wi-Fi network as Homepod. The following steps should be followed:

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On your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch

  1. First, open the Home app.
  2. Press and hold Homepod then tap settings.
  3. Scroll to the bottom and tap remove the accessory.

On your Mac

  1. To use the Home app on Mac, you have to update your Mac to macOS Mojave.
  2. Then open the Home app.
  3. Double-click Homepod.
  4. At last, scroll to the bottom and click remove the accessory.

After the last step, Homepod will take several minutes to restart and erase itself, after which one can begin the pairing process as normal.

The second way which is used in case Homepod is not appearing on the Home app is to reset using the hardware itself. The steps are as follows:

  1. Unplug Homepod and plug it back in.
  2. Press and hold the top of Homepod, making sure that the finger is on top of the device at all times. If you lift your finger then you will have to start all over again.

After you press and hold on the top of Homepod, the spinning white light at the top of the device will turn red and Siri will inform you that Homepod is about to reset.

  1. Keep pressing the top of Homepod until you hear three beeps.

In case the methods above do not work, then you have to take the device to your local Apple store.