How To Select The Best Power Bank

Smartphones and tablets have become a vital part of our lives, but these things require energy. If you travel regularly, you should know how quickly your phone, tablet, and other gear run out of battery after few hours of use. That’s why we think it’s essential to pack a portable charger, which can help you extend your device runtimes without having to seek out an AC outlet. Fortunately, a power bank is a portable charger that keeps your device working under any circumstance while on the go. Power bank comes in different sizes, battery capacity, designs, function, performance and much more. In this post, we’re going to talk about how to choose the best power bank.

Choosing The Best Power Bank

Power banks are a lifesaver and among the best accessories in which you can invest. If you’re planning to get a power bank, be sure to buy the one that suits your needs. However, it’s vital to choose a power bank with higher capacity if you need to charge your gadgets multiple times. In this section, we’ll explain some parts that make a good power bank if you’re planning to get one.

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1. Battery Capacity

The battery capacity of a power bank is one of the most important characteristics to look at when shopping for such a device. The battery capacity is measured in mAH. You should know that the higher the capacity, the bigger the power bank will be. If you use a lot of gadgets every day and you want to charge them with a single external battery pack, it’s better to choose the model with higher capacity.

2. Price

Beside battery capacity, one other factor which may help you determine which power bank is best for you is the price. Usually, very cheap power banks may lack quality batteries inside them. Besides, take note that the power bank you are buying must have the essential features such as short circuit and overcharging protection. A mid-range to upper range price will be a perfect choice with no sacrifice on quality.

3. Size and Weight

Power bank come in different types of shapes, dimensions, and weight. If you need to carry this thing around with you all day, you need a comfortable size. Bear in mind that size and weight impact capacity. Therefore, if you are looking for an ultra-slim power bank, you will have to sacrifice battery size.

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4. USB Ports

High-quality power banks come with more than one USB port to charge various devices at once. In case you need to charge more than one device, you should consider models with dual USB ports. Most will come with either a 2.1A or 1A output port or both. These numbers indicate the maximum rate of charging. So the higher the power bank amperage, the faster your phone will charge.

5. Input Charging

The time it takes to recharge your power bank is another thing that matters just like the charging your devices receive. High-quality power banks that have a high power capacity use fast charging tech like USB-C or Quick Charge for a faster recharging speed. You need a Quick Charge USB wall charger if the power bank features tech like that.

6. Durability

You need to choose a power bank made of durable materials like aluminum or silicone, which can withstand shock, dust, and water if you plan on using your power bank outdoors. As far as the durability is concerned, our focus is on the hardness of the casing, and the material itself. A good power bank should be resistant to any accidental drops, wear, and tear.

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7. Final words

Since there are lots of companies that sell power banks, it essential to take a closer look at the specifications that the power bank has before you purchase it. You can also read reviews about the power bank to know the experience of others buyers before you proceed with a purchase.